From a digestive to a jaffa cake: Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream

Jurlique Hand Cream

I am really fortunate that I have a small tight collective of women around me who are always honest with me and completely supportive.  In self help books this kind of group are often referred to as cheerleaders.  My cheerleaders do not wear short skirts and tight vests.  They don’t shake their pom poms (in public) , or run around me shouting GOOOOOOO PATENTPURPLELIFE.  As new blogger, they support me by reading my posts, alerting me to typos, and letting me talk about my blog… ALOT.  I am seriously thankful to have these fantastic women around me.

However, my review of the Monu Collagen Eye Cream caused one of my cheerleaders to email me the following…

…your hand looks really dry in the photo in the eye cream post…#just sayin’…


Go and have a look at the picture in question.  Go on!

My response

… errr…thanks…  #realtalk

I had to tell her thank you, because, she is right (she will be doing the ‘told-you-so’ dance as she reads this).  In the photo my hand resembles the surface of a digestive biscuit!  Dry!  As a result, I have increased the amount of water that I drink, and more importantly, I have brought a new product into my handcream artillery.  Jurlique Lavender Handcream -isn’t the box pretty?

The cream comes in a metallic tube (similar to the L’Occitane Shea Butter one but not shiny or silver).  When you first get the handcream, you need to open the tube with the outside of the lid.  The diamond protrusion (think inverted Phillips screwdriver) which breaks the metal seal.  It is a really good idea but it is not so easy to clean the handcream of the diamond protrusion in the lid.

The handcream is thick and creamy and cream in colour, like clotted cream ice-cream.  I love authentic lavender fragrance in products and this is not at all synthetic.  This fragrance has  lavender’s sweetness without the camphor element.  The fragrance  is not overpowering and it lingers on the skin for a good  fifteen to twenty minutes after application.  This hand cream has good  slip (due to the high glycerine content), so you can either use a good dollop,  take your time and massage it into the skin.  Or you can do a quick and efficient application as it is absorbed readily if your hands, like mine, are dry like a biscuit.

The cream leaves the skin moisturised (Macademia and Safflower oil) but does not leave a sheen on the skin.  After application it does leave the palms of the hands and fingertips a little bit sticky but it is great on the cuticles.  You will need to wait a couple of minutes before attempting to turn a door knob, swipe the screen of a tablet/smartphone or use a steering wheel.

For me, this product is a little too impractical to use during my day at the office, and the tube got a bit misshapen in the bottom of my bag.   With this tube it is also important to make sure that you squeeze the cream from the top of the tube rather the middle.  The metal does not bounce back, it just stays where it has been squeezed and it is next to impossible to unsqueeze the tube.  I use this handcream in the morning before my commute to work and in the evenings whilst watching TV, I apply a thick layer paying special attention to my cuticles and let it absorb on the backs of my hands.  As a result, the skin on my hands is now more like  the (moist) cake of  a jaffa cake rather then a digestive!!


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