NARS Coconut Grove

NARS Coconut Grove

I love the colour black.   Most of my wardrobe is black, in a mascara, I am always looking for the blackest black  and a black matt eyeshadow is something I always look for in a palette, so when I was recommended  NARS Coconut Grove, I did not think that it was going to become one of the most used, most multifunctional products in my make up armoury.

Coconut Grove

It was recommended to me by a Space NK NARS make up artist to fill in my eyebrows.  I was looking for a black shadow but she convinced me that this 90% coco coco solids chocolate brown colour was what I needed.  I didn’t really believe her, even through she filled in my eyebrows in the store.  When I got it home, I did not use it for a few weeks, but once I really started to play with it – there really was no stopping me.

Coconut Grove Label

So, here are my top five uses for Nars Coconut Grove

  1. To fill in eyebrows –   great with an push liner brush, a little goes a long way and if like me you have short brows, it stays on the skin where you have created a shape all day.
  2. Eyeliner – wet or dry, great to smudge over the lashline, as a soft eyeliner and to trace out a winged liner before using liquid liner.
  3. Intensify out corner of an eye look – t goes with every colour combination and you have a heavier or hooded list, it is a nice way to lift the look of the eye (mini eyelift)
  4. All over eyeshadow – if I am showcasing a new lippie, a wash of this shadow is an easy way to define the eye without the precision of an eyeliner.
  5. Continour -yes, I contour my chubby cheeks with it.  A little swipe from the top of my ear, towards my mouth makes a huge difference to my round face.  The colour is highly pigmented though so it needs to be blended thoroughly.

Coconut Grove Eyeshadow

So, it is not the most exciting eyeshadow I own (no glitter or shimmer or exciting finish) but it is definitely the most multi-functional


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