Yu-Be Moisturising Cream

Yu Be

I have seen  rave reviews about Yu Be moisturiser so I was happy when the kind folks at Niven and Joshua popped a sample of this cream into the box with the other purchases that I had made from them.  The dry skin on my hands and body means that I am always looking for products which will help with my reptillian skin.

According to Yu-Be this can be applied to the lips and the skin and the dinky tube states that Yu-Be is the…

‘ number 1 selling medicated Vitamin Enriched skin care cream in Japan.’

The word of interest there is ‘medicated’.  Why? Because the word medicated makes me nervous.  I am not someone that enjoys stimulating, tingling sensations from skincare products.  Peppermint shampoo…. err no thanks, menthol lip gloss to make your lips look fuller… errr I’ll pass on that too.  I like mint smells, but as someone that occasionally suffers from an itchy scalp, I personally don’t find that the tingling  helps.  Yu-Be has a slight neon yellow tinge in the tube, on the skin is looks more creamy white.  On massaging it into the skin I found that I had to work quite hard with the product and warming it on the skin slightly before application did not help.  When it is applied to the skin it does not cause any tingling and the camphor smell is not too strong… but it is definitely camphor and it lasts a while  (more then five, but less then ten minutes) on the skin.  I did not find it moisturising on my hands.

On the lips – I got the whole tingling and stimulating sensation.  I was able to last about 10 minutes before I took it off but it was still tingling.  That said,  it goes onto the lips matt, so if you like the tingling, it could be good base for lipstick.

Conclusion –  if you don’t have super dry skin, and/or you like medicated products get a sample and give it a try, but for me, this product didn’t work.

Have you tried Yu-Be?   Do you love it?


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