Photopost: I’ve been on holiday…

Jamaica 2012

… to Jamaica to have some well overdue rest and relaxation.

I am lucky that this was not my first visit to  Jamaica (and hopefully not my last). I was there at the invitation of my gorgeous seven month old god-daughter.  I stayed with her and her mum at her grandmother’s house and completely chilled out.  It is a totally different experience to staying in a hotel and one that I would recommend if you have an opportunity.   I have visited other Caribbean islands (usually to visit family)  so Jamaica is culturally different but familiar at the same time.  I did not do much touristy stuff or  take a huge amount of photos (I was chilling out) but you can see a little bit of what I did below.

This is the first in a series of posts about some of what I did before and during my hols.


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