Batting my lashes, thanks to Revitalash

Revitalash Advanced Formula is a product that stimulates lash growth resulting in longer thicker lashes.  It is not the only product of its kind on the marke.  There are also brow products which work in a similar way.  The product is a colourless, odourless liquid which is applied with an eyeliner type brush to the base of the lashes (where the eyelid and eyelashes meet).  It is supposed to be applied to the lashes every evening for 3 weeks and then go onto a maintenance regime of a couple of times a week. My lashes were not super short, prior to using Revitalash, but they could not be described as long, and they were straight, which I did not have a problem with them.  I was a two-coats-of-mascara kind of person and got the length and volume that I wanted  My lash primer phase has been and gone and I have a small stash of false eyelashes for special occasions.  My eyes are the feature that I focus on in my make up so mascara is important to me.

The reality is that I used it on the maintenance schedule from the start.  I began using Revitalash in August and did not apply it every night. For the first month.  It was about three evenings a week.  During the first six weeks, I noticed that my lashes were thicker but not longer.  The thickness was great and I was happy with that result so I continued to use it three to four times a week.   Then about two weeks ago, out of the blue, I noticed when putting on mascara that one coat was enough, because my lashes were LONG.  I recently had an eye test and the ophthalmologist kept catching my lashes on the lenses of the contraption that goes onto your face when you have to read the letters in the box on the wall.  Then when I got my new specs, I noticed that they sit further down my nose then my previous specs cos my lashes are touching the lenses.  And, if I open my eyes really wide, my lashes touch my upper lid!

The truth is, I don’t really notice the length of my lashes when I am not wearing mascara, but, as someone who religiously wore two coats of mascara to get the effect that I am now exceeding with one coat, the only conclusion has to be that my lashes are longer as well as being thicker.  Revitalash has given me the look that I get with ‘natural’ look false lashes… but without the glue, and the tweezers.  Some people who have used this product have experienced darkening of the eyelid and or the iris but I did not have any issues with it.  As I said there are lots of similar products on the market so if you are seeking longer lashes, it is worth doing some research to find something that fits your requirements and a patch test should always be done with a new product.

Revitalash changed the way that I think about mascara…and has had the biggest impact on my make up routine since I learnt the importance of groomed eyebrows.  I am very impressed.

Have you used a lash growth product?  What results did you see?


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