Pucker Up: MAC Ruby Woo

MAC Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo by MAC is an iconic colour.  It is a great lip colour but it is a colour and a formulation that needs to be treated with respect.  For many, I am sure that  this is the perfect statement red for Valentines Day, but not for me…that said, it is a colour that I love wearing and that I wear regularly.


This colour is matte and the formula is quite dry.  there is no applying to the lips and then rubbing them together… unless you have applied a lip balm prior to use.  The application is easy but this colour DEMANDS time, a lip brush, and a lip pencil.  MAC describe this colour as a blue-red but on me it is more of a tomato red.


I use MAC Brick lip pencil.  It is not a matching colour but I do find that works well.  When you wear Ruby Woo, your lips need to be in flawless condition.  No rough bits, no flakey bits no bits hanging off bits.  just perfectly smooth, moisturised lips.


My routine is something like this.

I slather my lips in lip balm for about 30 minutes prior to application.  This is a colour where I tend to apply the lip first and eyes after as it is very easy to do too much with the eyes when wearing this colour.with this colour and after all the time and energy you have spent putting this colour on, it really does deserve to be the focus of the look.

Remove excess balm from your lips and apply your pencil across both lips  MAC pencils are quite hard so your lips will be grateful for being doused in lip balm first.

Apply the outline with a brush.  Yes a brush, it will give you a much better and longer lasting line then filling in straight from the bullet. Fill in the colour, blot with a tissue and apply a second coat either with a brush or with a bullet depending on your preference.I find that adding a gloss over Ruby Woo changes the character of it so much that it becomes something that you could have bought directly.  It really is best, left alone in matte (slightly dry) perfection.


During the course of the day, you may find that you lips feel dry.  A matt lip balm (like Nuxe) will be your friend.  Apply, blott and then reapply Ruby Woo.  Generally, I like to wear this when I am doing something slightly vintage or classical with my hair or my outfit.  For me, it is the best statement red lip that I have.  Great for special occasions it is arguably the best statement lip.  On me this is not a blue red, it leans more to tomato red, which I really like but not for every day.  It is my special occasion lip.




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