Talon Tales: Spellbound Belladonna

Spellbound Belladonna

Jordan Liberty is a professional make up artist who has a very successful You Tube channel.  Spellbound is his range of nail varnishes  which have been launched exclusively through Wantable.  His first collection consists of seven shades including Belladonna a clay pink cream shade. I am of the opinion that Belladonna was the least suitable colour for me.

Spellbound Belladonna (2)

I received this colour as part of the March Wantable Beauty Box.  It was one of the first things that I took out of the box and to be honest my heart sank when I saw it.  I am familiar with this kind of colour.  It is a neutral for those with a lighter skin tone but it does not work for me.March Wantable Box Spellbound Belladona LacquerIt just looks off.  These are the colours that I just steer clear of but I have found it to be a useful base for my current water marble nail art obsession.

Spellbound Belladonna

The nail varnish was touch dry quite quickly but I found that the first and second coats did streak.  This is a vegan polish (no nasties) but it has much more of a nail polish / pear drops smell then the Kure Bazaar varnish.  Overall I was disappointed.

Spellbound Belladonna Swatch




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