Sixty Seconds with … Eve Lom Cleanser

The cleanser is the hero product from the Eve Lom range, a pre-curser to the many cleansing balms that are on the market today.  You can really tell how much faith Eve Lom have in this product from the detail that have put into the tester.



1-006You get a full sized muslin cloth with it –  yes, with the tester!


The sachet contains plenty of product  (I managed three applications) so you really get to work with the product.  The temperatures of late have been very cold so my sample had separated slightly, with some parts being more liquid then other.  This cleanser really needs to be warmed in the hands before applying it to the face..  It smells very herby…  like a marinade for your Sunday roast.


I did the Emma Hardie technique of wiping the dry over the skin to remove dead skin cells… and it did…but … the cloth is quite rough, and it does not hold the hot water, so by the time I had wrung out the warm water, the cloth was cold.  This is one of the reasons why I prefer to use a flannel.


The effect on my skin was meh… which is probably because this is a mineral oil and lanolin based product.  If your skin responds well to these ingredients, it is worth giving this product a go, (subject to how you feel about the fragrance) but for me, my skin was not amazingly hydrated or moisturised or smooth to the touch as a result of using it.  I wonder if Eve Lom would ever consider looking again at the formula… replaceing the mineral oil with something else.  I can imagine that it would sell just as well as the original formula but it would give consumers an option.



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