8 things I don’t like about GlamGlow PowerMud


One of the things that I am most proud of with respect to my blog is that it is honest.  I am fortunate to be provided with some PR samples to review but I am a beauty addict.  I still purchase a huge amount of product.  Regardless of whether the product is provided for review or I purchased a product I will always provide an honest opinion.  Glamglow PowerMud was purchased by me but I hoarded it for a good six months before I started to use it.


I don’t like this product.  I really don’t like it.  I am of the opinion that an honest review is constructive. especially as PowerMud is not a cheap product.  If you only want to read about fairy lights and bath bombs, this review and indeed this blog is not for you.  If you want to hear the reasons why I don’t like GlamGlow PowerMud – keep reading.

  • glamglow-powermudPackaging issue number one. –  The outer box is a triangle shape.  Waste of space in my beauty cabinet and waste of energy and paper.  I understand that the brand is trying to be innovative but this is just annoying.
  • Packaging issue number two. –  I am over forty and my eyesight is not what it used to be.  Why on earth would your put silver writing on a luminous green background and expect people to be able to read it? Why?  How can you read the directions for use.  There are lots of organisations which help brands ensure that you can read the information are legally required to be on the packaging.  If your eyesight is failing or you are partially sighted packing should be legible.  Glamglow need to do better.
  • Claims. – Glamglow claim that PowerMud is a dual phase product.  They say that after applying to the skin for five to ten minutes, you apply water and it turns into an oil phase.  Errr, nope.  It stays a mud. This product is jumping onto the current trend for oil cleansers but it just does not relate to the product in the tub.
  • Granular exfoliant. – I bought this for the mud action and because I love anything that has an oil in it.  It does not say anywhere on the packaging that it has granular exfoliants in it.  When you remove the product as instructed by massaging the product in a circular motion on the skin, you get the granular exfoliants scratching the surface of the skin.  I did not sign up for that.  If a product has granular exfoliants in it brands really need to tell people.


  • Irritation – Do not use this product if you have sensitive skin.  I generally don’t consider myself to have sensitive skin but I do find this product to be irritating (low level burning) on the skin.
  • The smell – The best way for me to describe this is like unpleasent fermented apple.  To be honest, I would almost prefer the smell of the benontite and kaolin because the fragrance is off putting.
  • Effect on the skin –  If I do decide to use this product (after all I spent I FORTY NINE POUNDS on it) it leaves my skin parched.  Great if you have a spot that needs to be dealt with. Useful if you are having a topsy turvey sebum producing moment, but not otherwise. This is not the ‘gentle result’ that is claimed on the website. I find my skin is not left taut but definitely in need of replenishment.  I always need to follow application with a a generous helping of hyaluronic acid and then a botanical oil. Then another layer of facial oil or moisturiser a few hours later.
  • The Cost – The majority of my disposable income is spent of beauty products. I am in a position to spend £49 on a mud mask.  PowerMud is not the most expensive mud mask I have ever bought, that would be a Sisley mask.  The ingredients listing is standard and it is possible to replicate the effect on the skin (should you choose to do so) with other products.

GlamGlow PowerMud

So there you have it. The eight reasons the GlamGlow PowerMud does not work for me.  You may find that this product works amazingly on your skin. Personally I was expecting unicorn tears or essence of Oprah in this product.  I didn’t and it is very disappointing!

glamglow powermud


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