Stop wasting skincare products!

Stop Wasting Skincare Products

I test alot of skincare alot to provide content for the blog.  I love skincare and generally use products on a four to six week rotation.  That way I can see the effect that it has on my skin before talking about it.  Sometimes, I stop using a product because the test is over and I am on to the next product. Occasionally, I stop using a product because I didn’t like it or it irritated my skin.  Sometimes, a cream in a prettier pot or a more delicious smell comes along and I get sucked in.  I’m a beauty junkie. Four weeks is generally not enough time to finish a fifteen millilitre eye cream or thirty millilitre face cream.  Rather than throwing products away, I have developed some ways to stop wasting skincare products.

Stop Wasting Skincare Products

Depending on what the product, how it is package and how much I have used the first option is to offer it to someone in my immediate circle.  That means the Mr, my sister or my Mum.  If the product is not suitable for them, I change the part of the body that I use the product on.

Face wash

Sodium lauryl sulphate based face washes are very stripping on my skin.  Detergent based washes, be it for the face the hands or the body have a similar formula.  A face wash that is too harsh for face can be used as handwash.  I often carry a small tube of face wash with me and use it as a hand wash in public toilets for example in shopping centres where the soap is gross or  non-existent.  Face wash can also be used to clean makeup brushes!

Stop Wasting Skincare Products


I don’t use toner on a different part of my body.  Once I have finished testing it, I change how I use it.  I generally wear a full face of make up five to six days a week.  I often use a hydrating toner to ‘foil’ my eye shadows  or  it is not already in a spray bottle, I will decant my toner into a small spray bottle and use it to spritz my face after a final dusting of powder.

Face Serum

I generally take all face products down to my neck.  Once I have finished using a serum on my face and neck, it becomes a décolletage serum.  I apply it from my collar bone to under my bust.  Why?  Because my bust needs hydrating and firming too and I can still go over the area with my body cream.  With my ample bosom I get through fifteen or thirty millimitres in no time at all!

Stop Wasting Skincare Products

Face Oil

A face oil in my possession never goes to waste.  If the face oil is dispensed by a dropper, I will add a couple of drops of the oil to my hand cream to intensify the product that I am using.  If I am using a body lotion rather a body cream, a couple of glugs of oil really makes a difference.  My feet are always in tights and heels so face oil that I have finished testing on my face makes a great foot and cuticle treatment. It does not matter if the face oil has essential oils in it or is an unblended oil, my dry hands, elbows, knees and feet are always in need of more moisture.

Eye Cream/ Serum

Eye creams are a product that I very careful not to use past the recommend opening time.  After testing it ( depending on the texture) it goes straight to the neck and decollete.  The older I get the more visible those pesky “sleep wrinkles” are.

Stop Wasting Skincare Products

Face Cream / Night Cream

Regardless of textures, a face cream be it for day or night will usually end up as a hand cream or a foot cream.  I have very skin skin on my body so a fifty millilitre product really does not last very long.

So there you have it –  I am not encouraging you to buy products that you dont need.  However if you do end up with a face product that you are not longer loving, there is always another part of the body that the product can be used on.  There is always a way to stop wasting skincare products.


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