Luscious Lips: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme – Goes and Goes

MAC Goes and Goes


I am a huge fan of purple lipstick and still love my YSL Poupre Divin.  It is my signature purple.  An imperial purple, which I return to again and again.  But… I am obsessed with MAC Goes and Goes at the moment.  It is a little out of my comfort zone, heading slightly towards the white-ish/opaque Nicki Minaj type colours that I just can’t get my forty-year old brain around. Goes and Goes is a mid toned blue based violet/purple but it is intoxicating.


When I bought it in my local MAC concession the lovely sales rep advised that I wear it over the plum lip pencil to neutralise the colour of my lips.  Which I did, and I liked that colour, but it did make Goes and Goes much more pinky on my lips. It looked nice, but I was drawn to the colour for the mid toned violet.  I have since learned that the best way to wear it is directly on the lips.  I don’t even line my lips.  I just put it on and it errr… Goes and Goes (do you see what I did there?)


This is my first Pro Longwear colour.  It is long wearing… if I don’t eat a solid lunch, I can make it last all day.  With a lunch time sarnie or salad, the inner rim of my mouth wears away as is to be expected.  Goes and Goes copes with mugs of tea, glasses of water, bars of chocolate, bowls of porridge and copious amounts of cake etc with no problem.  To me, this is a semi matte; it is not as dry as Ruby Woo.  It does not drag on the mouth, it distributes colour evenly in every swipe and even though my lips are different colours, I get very even colour distribution without a lip pencil.  I also don’t blot this product, I just swipe and Go(es and Goes) [sorry, I’ll stop now!]



I am going through this product at the rates of knots because I keep reapplying it even though I don’t need to.  I just like to.  The bullet has much more purse appeal then the standard range of MAC colours, (slim, sleek, sophisticated.) and as I said at the beginning, I am obsessed with this colour.  My office wardrobe has been defined by this colour over the past couple of weeks… I am moving away from by beloved purples an pinks incorporating much more charcoal, black and navy.


This colour is quite interesting, it works well with a nude face where it really makes a statement… but equally I have come worn it with a charcoal smoky eye and it was beautiful.

I am very happy that Goes and Goes is a permanent colour in MAC’s range, but I have bought a second one, just in case someone decides t discontinue it.  So, all I need now is a nail varnish in this colour!


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