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Vitabella Moisturising and Nourishing Hand Cream


I first came across this brand at the Anti Ageing Show.  Suzanne was lovely and talked me through the ranges skincare and body care products.  It was interesting to talk about how different certification requirement mean that at the time in Italy they were considered organic range but not in the UK so it is great to see that has now been resolved.

Suzanne very generously gave me a couple of samples to try – here are my thoughts.

Vitabella Anti Ageing Creamsource

Anti Ageing Face Cream – I came to skincare via Decleor and this cream reminds me of Hydrafloral.  It is light and refreshing yet moisturising.  You can use it in a light layer or pile it on as your skin dictates.  It absorbs into the skin very quickly and the more you use it, the less you need.  It is almost a gel like texture and that is probably to do with the aloe vera base.

Aloe Vera is central to this range, it is used as a base for all the products and the hand picked leaves go straight from the plant to the product. The products are made in Puglia – which is the heel of Italy’s boot where the aloe is sourced.   The leaves are washed in mineral salts (yes, really) and Vitabella also use purified water, along with hyaluronic acid, argan oil, wheatgerm oil and hibiscus seed proteins  – this is a brand that really care about ingredients.  This is described as an anti ageing range but I think that this is a great skin loving range.  The ingredients are written in English and the packaging is beautiful muted green and white.  Don’t mistake simplicity for ineffectiveness – this is a great hydrating face cream.

This product has a really distinctive smell.  It is sweet, but not sugary and to me it is not a rose fragrance, although rose is listed in the ingredients.  Perfume is also listed, so it might be that.

Vitabella 1

Handcream – it has exactly the same smell as the face cream  and shares many of the ingredient including, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, wheatgerm oil rose hip oil.  Again another light formulation – non greasy so good if you work in an office.  For my hands, this is not the most hydrating formula, but I do have dry skin.

If you are looking for a natural range with organic ingredients, Vitabella could be a good option for you.




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