Fairfield Gardens – Orange Lipbalm

Fairfield Gardens Orange Lip Balm

One of the best parts of being a blogger is following a brand on social media and then getting to meet the person or people behind the brand at an event.  That is what happened when I went to Pro Beauty last month.  I had been following Fairfield Gardens on Instagram and Twitter for a while – I don’t remember what led me to the brand but a small edit of British made lip balms with no mineral oil in sight and a fabulous woman at the helm is as good a reason as any to follow a brand.

Fairfield Gardens Orange Lip Balm

I imagine that when Lillian (founder of Fairfield Gardens) saw a short round woman wearing purple lipstick running towards her with arms wide opened that her first thought was to run.  Luckily for me there was nowhere for her to go and she graciously accepted my hug (like I say she really had no choice!) After a couple of minutes of me rambling about how I felt like I knew her and I follow her on social media and how I think Fairfield is a great brand… I finally loosened my grip!

Fairfield Gardens have taken the concept of buying locally normally applied to food and applied it to beauty.  Their award winning balms are made with eighty percent of the ingredients grown in Britain.  Great concept.  For those who take their sustainability serious that is a great selling point.  However if you are just after an affordable, effective, mineral oil free lip balm – this is the product for you.

Fairfield Gardens Orange Lip Balm

The emollient component of the balm is rapseed oil (high in omega three) blended with organic beeswax (antibacterial and vitamin A) and oat kernal oil (high in omega six and nine).  There are four fragrance options in the range currently – unfragranced, rosemary and lemon, spearmint and fennel and the orange which is what has been on my lips for the past couple of weeks.

The orange fragrance is not overpowering nor synthetic.  Once the product is on the lips you cant smell it and there is no tingle or irritation.This lip balm is not overly shiny which is perfect for a lipstick wearer like me.  I can apply moisturising lippies over the top of it without them slipping off and if I am going to wear a matte I apply the lippie a few minutes before I do my face and then wipe my lips with a tissue just before I apply the colour and it works beautifully.

Fairfield Gardens Orange Lip Balm

Lip balm is a beauty essential and the Fairfield Gardens lip balm is a great addition to your handbag.


Fairfield Gardens lip balm is available from their website and retails for £3.89


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