Five Beauty Hacks that really work

Five Beauty Hacks

Five Beauty Hacks

If you seach for beauty hacks online you will find a weird and wonderful array of  things like using red lisptick as an under eye colour corrector and using a shaving balm as a primer.  If you live in the real world however, many of these concepts just dont translate to a full day in the office and an evening with friends and family who will tell you straight that your eyes look red. Below are five beauty hacks that really work.

Beauty Hack Number 1: Use A Brush To Apply Primer and SPF

Five Beauty Hacks

I came to primer relatively late.  Mainly because I did not think they had an effect on the skin. When I did find product that I like, I found that using my fingers was not as effective as using a beauty tool.  With pore filling primers, I use a sponge to really push the product into the skin.  With  hydrating / illuminating / colour correcting primers I use a brush.  The application is easier, it is less messy and the finish is better.  SPF with a brush as been a revelation.  I get a better less streaky finish on the skin which means that my makeup applies more evenly.  Definitely a hack to try.

Beauty Hack Number 2: Applying Eyeshadow Over Lipstick.

Five Beauty Hacks

Actually I was doing this before. I was a blogger but I do it more now. This is one of my favourite tricks for when the shade of purple lipstick is not quite right.  A purple lipstick makes everything better.  Applying purple eyeshadow not only intensifies the colour, it also makes the product stay on longer.  Definitely worth utilising if you are going out for drinks or to an event where nothing will pass your lips. If you are going to be eating a full meal however, stick to a liquid lipstick.

Beauty Hack Number 3: Liquid Lipstick as Eyeliner

Five Beauty Hacks

The eyes and the lips are the most vulnerable part of the face in terms of reactivity to makeup.  They pigments that are used in eye and lip products are stringently texted to be the least irritating of all those available to a product formulator.  If it is safe for the eyes it is generally safe for the lips and vice versa.  A liquid lipstick is highly pigmented and designed to be long wearing so it makes the perfect liquid liner formula.  As a purple fanatic, it is ofen difficult for me to find my perfect liquid liner.  Using an liquild liner I can create my perfect shade.

Beauty Hack Number 4: Post Powder Spritz

Five Beauty Hacks

Prior to become a blogger I would never spritz my face after I had powdered it. I would powder and run and by the magic of having oily combination skin but the time I got two hours into my day, makeup look I would be fine.  In fairness I did not wear a lot of powder in those days.  Since becoming a blogger I wear a lot more powder but in a world where translucent powders are often Tippex white, I am not afraid to share that sometimes I looked like Casper-the-Ghost.  Not any more.  Between MAC Fix-Plus and or any hydrating toner my powdery face is no more.

Beauty Hack Number 5: Tightlining

Five Beauty Hacks

I have been wearing eyeliner for over 30 years.  Scary when I say it out loud.  The textures were not as soft or long lasting in those days but even when I was not supporsed to be / allowed to wear makeup I work black eyeliner.  I find that I am tightlining my upper lashline alot. This process looks even more painfull that using lash curlers.  It looks like you are drawing on your eyeball, but you are not.  It just adds a significant amount of definition to the lashes, without spoiling your blended eyeshadow.  The trick is to use a kajal, soft kohl or gel pencil and not to have it too sharp.  Start at the out edge of the eye and look at your nose.  Don’t go over the area to many times and keepth eyeliner sanitised. Try it, you will like it.

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