I’m a winner: #lushspellxmas

Lush Soaps and Bath Products

Lush SpellA few weeks back, Spell Magazine teamed up with Lush Cosmetics ran a competition.  All you had to do was tweet the lovely ladies at Spell Magazine with the hashtag #lushspellxmas.  So I did and I’m very happy to report, that I WON!!!!!!!

Lush Spell (16)

It is a GINORMOUS prize – take a look at what I got:-

Lush Spell (2)

Wow is the word!

Lush Spell (6)

This is the top tier, a lovely selection of soaps, shower gel and bath bombs… but wait, there is more…

Lush Spell (5)

The second tier is more soaps, bath bombs and shower gels… and can you believe there is more…

Lush Spell (4)

Soaps, a lip scrub and a shower gel.  It is an amazing prize.

Lush Spell (13)

Ahhhh, I’m meeeeelting (snowman)

Lush Spell (12)

Golden Wonder, So White, Shoot for the Stars, Father Christmas and Lord of Misrule bath bombs…

Lush Spell (11)

Ponche, Rose Jame and Snow Fairy Shower Gel, and Santa’s lip scrub.

Lush Spell (10)

The Santas Secret Bath Bomb broke, but the Shoot for the Stars, Melting Snowman and Candy Mountain bath bombs are all fine.

Lush Spell (8)

Snow Fairy, Gold Fun, Orange Jelly, Chrismas Penguin, Noriko,


Lush Spell (3)

This is everything together.  In total there are fourteen bath bombs, three shower gels, one lip scrub and eight soaps.  Huge thanks to Lush Ltd and Spell Magazine – I am a very happy winner!


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