Luscious Lips: Limited Collection Lipstick – Plum Shine

M&S Limited Edition Plum Shine

This  lipstick was part of the goody bag I received from the M&S Beauty Press Day in December.

Plum Shine

The packaging is most interesting to me.  It has a picture of a rabbit on the front and a hologram of a bunny on top.  I don’t understand the relevance of the bunny but there you go.  Is it cute? or whimsical?  Hmmm, I’m not a fan.  Also the packaging is paper or thin card board.

Plum Shine (2)

From a sustainability point of view it did not make sense either as the metal mechanism to raise the lipstick in and out of the bullet is metal and probably plastic.  The mechanism is not that smooth either.

Plum Shine (3)

Also, if you are the kind of person that had lipsticks rolling around the bottom of your bag, this may not be good for you because if your then plonk a bottle of water on the top you may destroy the packaging.  As a concept I find it interesting, but I don’t think that it has been fully thought out.

Plum Shine (4)

The shade is called Plum Shine but on me it is definitely Pink Shine (head to my Instagram to see the swatch).  It is a moisturising formula and leaves a real sheen on the lips.  It does not provide opaque coverage use this colour with a lip liner. The wear is not great (better with lip liner) but it is also a pretty colour after a few hours wear or if you choose to blot it and definitely worth parting with a fiver for.

Plum Shine (5)


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