Luscious Lips: Bourjois Rouge Edition – Brun Cosmopolitan (16)

Bourjois Brun Cosmopolitain

If you follow my blog you will know that I prefer a lipstick over a lip gloss and I prefer a statement lip over a  nude lip.  However, there are occasions where a pop of purple just wont do and a nude is required.  With make up, there will be colours that work for you and colours that don’t, but after foundation, nude lipstick is the product that I find hardest to get right.

Bourjois Brun Cosmopolitain

I don’t believe in neutralising or blotting out my lip colour before applying the product. I want to apply and go. I don’t want the colour to look like concealer on me as my lips are not the same colour as the rest of my face.  I don’t want an opaque white, or beige lips,  I want it to be my lips but better.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Brun Cosmopolitain

Brun Cosmopolitain I am very happy to say is an excellent nude colour on me.  For my skintone it is brown with a tiny hint of red.  Not so much red to make it burgundy but enough to make it warm.  I like it ALOT which is huge for because as statement lip really is my go to colour.

Bourjois Brun Cosmpolitain 16

The packaging is quite sleek, I like it.  The bottom of the lipstick is clear plastic so you can see the colour of the lippie.  the lid is three quarters of the length of the whole tube so it feel very secure when you put the lid on the product.   The mechanism on this is very smooth.

Bourjois Rouge Edition 16 Brun Cosmopolitain

This is part of the Rouge Edition collection which has been out for nearly two years and was created, according to Bourjois in collaboration with Fashion Editors.  Brun Cosmopolitain is part of the Nights Out element of the range, what Bourjois describe as colours which are darker, glamours and red based.  If you are a woman of colour this section has some great nudes, if you have a fair to medium complexion,  the Preppy section of this range is where you should look for a nude.

Applied directly from the bullet, and blended out with fingers.
Applied directly from the bullet, and blended out with fingers.

The pigmentation in this product is impressive.  One swipe and both lips are covered equally. No need for a lip pencil, this is a wear and go shade.  The formula is moisturising, I did not get ten hours wear from it as claimed but reapplication is not a problem – even without a mirror.  I don’t have a problem with the smell either but I really don’t like how it tastes.  I noticed this more when eating fruit and a bit when drinking wine but the taste is not nice.  It made my very tasty kiwi fruit taste quite unpleasant.   Not withstanding that – this is a great lippie. Swatches are on Instagram.


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