Bobbi Brown: Vitamin Enriched Face Base

I have not tried a huge amount from Bobbi Brown but the things I have tried, I like. My sister is mad for their lip balm but their skincare is not really something that I have delved into.  At a recent Brown Beauty event, we were gifted some items including the Vitamin Enriched Face Base.  I’ve been using it for about a month and I have some thoughts.

What is Vitamin Enriched Face Base?

This is a primer moisturiser hybrid.  Unlike the majority of this type of formula it is a thick cream rather than a lotion.  The instructions from Bobbi Brown advise that the Face Base is best applied to cleansed skin.  which would imply that is used like a moisturiser.

Vitamin Enriched Face Base On the Skin

The thick formula is quite deceptive. It has a light texture on the skin which absorbs really quickly into the skin.  I’ve worn it with serums and facial oils underneath it and there was no pilling or incompatibility of texture. I also applied primer over the top, and again there were no issues. I cant say that it has had a positive or negative effect on my skin.  Despite the shea butter in the formula, I did not find Face Base to be a hugely nourishing cream. Without additional products like oils and serum, I found it left my skin a it dehydrated.

The other thing to be aware of is that it is highly fragranced. A beautiful scent – grapefruit and geranium but stronger than many face creams that I use. I do not have an issue with irritation from fragrance in my skincare, but if you do this is something to be very wary of. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leave quite a matte finish to the skin.

Final Thoughts

I take my skincare very seriously so this product has been interesting for me to use.  I am not a fan of primers so I will always choose a moisturiser over primer given the choice.  Despite having combination skin, I am a fan of a rich, emollient face cream, especially as I get older.  I can see the benefit of moisturising primer but it is not a product that i would reach for.  On my skin over the winter I have found that I both wanted and needed to add a serum and or face oil.

The Vitamin Enriched Face Base does look lovely under makeup, but truth is all of my skincare does.  If you are a primer fan, and or a Bobbi Brown fan this might be a product that you want to try, but if you are happy without a primer or your current moisturiser is doing everything that it needs to for you skin, I would have to say, it’s a pass.

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