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Melt By Starlight

Melt thank you noteA few years ago, I would buy make up and hair items based on the selection of  You Tube videos that I was watching at the time.  These days I spend a lot of my time on Instagram and Melt Cosmetics is a page that I probably spend more time on then I should.

Melt package

Melt Cosmetics hail from the states and was started by two amazingly talented make up artists, Lora Arellano and Dana Bonmar.  In less than a year they have built up quite a following and as Lora is Rhinna’s make up artist, Ri Ri herself has been known to rock a blue lip.

Melt in bubble wrap

The range consists of twelve shades of lipstick which Melt describe as ultra matte, bold and radioactive and luckily Melt have international delivery which means that I have been able to try a couple of shades.

Melt boxes

Each lipstick costs nineteen dollars (eleven pounds and forty one pence) and then a ten dollar delivery charge. So far so good.   I received my lipsticks seven calendar days after I made the order which is great BUT, Royal Mail charged me twelve pounds and some pence of which eight pounds was a handling fee.  This took the total cost of each lipstick from fourteen pounds odd including postage to a little over twenty pounds per lippie.

Melt boxes (2)

Each lipstick comes in a box with the logo on it, and is housed in cylindrical packaging.  The lid covers 80% of the tube and the logo is printed on the lid.  The mechanism is not the smoothest that I have tested and the whole unit feels very light in the hand.  I purchased two colours.

Melt 6six6

6six6 which is a deep burgundy which is ultra pigmented but not ultra matte.  This colour has a satin finish which is not what Melt advertise but to be honest I think it benefits the colour.  The texture is a dream, very smooth to apply and does not drag at all on the lips.  I absolutely adore this colour.   No need for lip liner.  Just apply and revel in the deep dark burgundy but with enough brown to make it burgundy and red colour that is just gorgeous.  Love it.

6Six6 Melt Lip-stick

I also bought By Starlight.  It is purple, and unlike 6six6 is really is ultra matte.  It is a beautiful blue purple.  It has a much stiffer texture then 6six6

Rename By Starlight bulletBoth colours are very pigmented and have amazing longevity.  I am really impressed with these lipsticks.  I really wish that they had a UK distributor because this is a great brand.


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