Rub a dub scrub: Rituals Fortune Shower Cream Scrub

Rituals Fortune Scrub

Magazine Freebie (2)My latest magazine Freebie (free with Marie Claire) is the Rituals Shower Cream Scrub.

Fortune Scrub (4)

Shower scrubs are an excellent part of an exfoliating body regime as they require less time then the ‘at home spa ritual’ type scrub.   For a shower scrub to be given room in my bathroom it needs to have the following.

Fortune Scrub (2)

  • The exfoliator in the product has to be smooth so that it does not  damage the skin but enough of them to slough of the dead skin cells
  • The particles need to not get stuck in your hairy bits or be stuck to your body after you have rinsed (especially if this is a product that the mister is also going to be using).  There is nothing worse then finding a clump of exfoliating seeds or beads once you have dried off.
  • It needs to smell nice and be enjoyable to use.

Fortune Scrub (7)

The Rituals fortune scrub does all of this with ease.  It just goes to show that just because you don’t like one element of a beauty brand, does not mean that there won’t be other products that you will like.  The Fortune Shower Cream Scrub is part of the Laughing Buddha ritual, The orange fragrance is more fruity then citrusy.  The texture is light and the exfoliating particles are smooth and round.   It is packaged in a robust plastic tube which is easy to pick up with wet hands.

It does not leave my skin taut or irritated after use, despite having sodium laureth sulphate in it.  If your skin is not irritated by this ingredient, this product is worth trying.  If like me, you are trying to avoid Sodium Laureth Sulphate but are interested in this range, the organic sugar scrub would be a better option.


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