Luscious Lips: No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Wine (21)

No 7 Wine

No 7 Wine labelAnother nude lippie!  I’ve mentioned before that I find nude lipsticks to be the hardest to find but I picked up this gem in my local Boots.

No 7 Wine

I have to admit that No7 is not my favourite make up range in Boots, I normally head to the Revlon or Maybelline concession so I picked up this lippie with out high expectations but I have to say that I have been very pleasantly surprised.

No7 Wine bullet and lid

The case is a slightly unusual elliptical (oblong) shape which is a point of difference from the rectangular and circular lippies in my collection.  Slightly wider at the top and bottom then in the middle it has a very slight hour glass shape, but also means that it does not fit into my new lipstick holder!  The mechanism to raise the bullet is a little bit stiff, but overall I quite like the look of the lippie.

No 7 Wine (2)

The colour it itself is not a red, white or rose wine colour.  It is a brown with a hint of pink. The texture is emollient as is to be expected from a moisturising lippie and surprisingly it does deposit colour quite evenly across my lips.   It does not have the best longevity, but it is very easy to reapply.

Top- No7 Wine Bottom - Bourjois Brun Cosmopolitain

It is lovely on its own, but this is a colour that I do tend to wear with a lip pencil.  It is lighter and more pink than my other favourite nude which I reviewed earlier this month (Bourjois Rouge Edition in Brun Cosmopolitain) I often mix the two shades to customise the perfect shade to compliment a smoky eye look.  The colour is a real chameleon blending in with a variety of looks and a real addition to my lippie collection.  (I have posted a few pictures of me wearing this colour on my Instagram page @patentpurplelife)


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