Fashion Fair: Sugar Translucent Powder

Fashion Fair Sugar

Translucent powder is not the easy option.  You want something that is very finely milled so that the powder, which is usually white can set your foundation without you looking like a wannabe Halloween ghost. When you have brown skin, a dulux white powder is a scary thing.

Fashion Fair

There are lots of powders on the market – many of which I have used and many of which are in a loose powder.  This is fine when you are in the comfort of your boudoir – but they are soooo messy and completely impractical for carrying around with you for a surreptitious touch up on the tube, in the loo and in other locations during the course of the day.

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Sugar is Fashion Fair’s translucent powder, originally available in a loose form, a pressed version has proved really useful.  Firstly, the packaging is really sleek.  Very thin so it can be carried in the smallest of evening bags.

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Sugar is very very finely milled – think icing sugar not granulated which means that it is easy to apply a fine layer to the skin.  Correct application is key and when I first started using it I was guilty of using too much.  Because it is so fine, you pick up more then you realise on the brush.

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I wear a stick foundation and the level of transfer is greater then with liquid foundations. Sugar does a great job at setting it.  As for oil control – I tend to touch up around midday regardless of the amount of oil my skin has produced.  The weather has been cool so my t-zone has been at its most active but Sugar absorbs on my t-zone quickly, without residue or lumps.


I really like this powder – it is not described at HD but it has one of the finest textures of a pressed powder that I have come across.  Even better the pressed powder is also available in eleven complexion shades for those of us that prefer  a powder that is not translucent.  Fashion Fair retail in Debenhams and Boots for twenty one pounds.  A limited edit of the pressed powders can also be found at online at


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