New Launch: SBC Cotton Skincare Gel

SBC Cotton Skincare Gel

SBC are adding to their existing cotton range with a Skincare Gel.  As with the other gels from the range this is water based so it is easily absorbed.  The Cotton Skincare Gel focusing on smoothing and calming irritated skins.  The key ingredients are:

  • Cotton Seed oil  as well has having vitamin E which helps to protect the skin from UV rays, it also contains a range of fatty acids which help to keep the skin hydrated.  Cotton is also a very gentle oil  which is why this product is also deemed suitable for children to use.
  • Wheat Germ Oil which can help the texture of dry, itchy and scaly skin and firming properties.
  • Oat Extract is often used on sensitive skins because of it’s anti inflammatory properties.
  •  Whey Protein which is a key ingredient in Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk bath is also found in this product  It helps to boost natural collagen, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin found in the skin.

SBC Cotton Skincare Gel

For me, this product is not sufficiently moisturising for me to use on it’s own but as someone that suffers with dry skin but I have used it on sensitive and sore areas of the skin prior to applying an emollient body oil without irritation.  If you are someone that washes your hands regularly, you may also find this product is useful has a hand cream or as a layer under your hand cream.  It initially dries to a tacky finish but this residue goes within about fifteen seconds.  I also found this to be useful after sun exposure.  Not only is the gel cooling on the skin but it does not irritate the skin after a day on the beach.

If you like the smell of  Yankee Candle Clean Cotton, Philosophy Pure Grace, Elemis milk bath, you might like this product too.  This product contains added fragrance and to me, smells like a cross between a musk and laundry detergent.

SBC Cotton Skincare Gel will be available from QVCUK from February and from the SBC website from March 1st where it will retail for thirty four pounds and fifty pence for five hundred millilitres


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