Weleda Citrus Deodarent

Weleda Citrus Deodarent

Our armpits take a real battering and don’t really receive much love.  Antiperspirants and deodorant contain a whole range of compounds to help us conform with societies requirement for floral smelling dry armpits all year round.

Citrus Deodarent

The problem for me is that my armpits regularly say….’ errrr I dont fink so mate’.  On a regular basis  products that I had previously used with no issue leave me scratching at my armpits in a very unseemly manner.  So when I was at Weleda last I decided to pick up  the citrus deodorant reasoning to myself that it probably would not do me much harm… and actually it might help.

Weleda Citrus Deodarent

It is a spray deodarent which I love.  I have tried those ‘wet the crystal and swipe it under your armpit’ jobbies and they just did not work for me in terms of fragrance of dryness.  It smells like an Italian  cologne, which for me is a very good start.  The pump disperses a very fine and refreshing cool mist.  The product disperses quickly leaving the citrus oils on the skin which neutralise rather then mask your odour.

Weleda Citrus Deodarent

The temperature in London has been on the rise this summer and I have to admit, I  have been topping up my application after my lunchtime freshen up because travelling on the tube with a rucksack would leave even the calmest of us less than fragrant.  I have loved it for less busy and active days through and it is perfect for evening freshness.  Best of all it does not irritate my skin… unless I have just shaved my armpits.

This is an  alcohol based deodorant (the alcohol is used to extract the lemon oil).  For some, this will be problematic – so far my armpits have been reacting better to this product then to other high street products.   This is not my  holy grail deodorant but it is a good addition to my deodorant wardrobe.  If your current deodorant is giving you problems – it is definitely worth a try.


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