By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush (3) Beach Bomb

By Terry Beach Bomb

By Terry Powders are something that I am increasingly gaining a love for. My first dips into the brand were their cream eye shadow and lipstick which are beautifully creamy textures with great pigmentation and great staying powder.  It is unusual for a brand which excels in cream products to also excel in powders but that is what By Terry does.  Beach Bomb has been in my collection for a while – here are my thoughts.

By Terry Beach Bomb

The Packaging

The packing is beautiful.  Apparently the shape of this compact is inspired by the shape that mercury forms when a dropped onto a surface.  The compact is heavy like a paperweight and it has a very pleasing quality in the hand as well as on your dressing table.  It definitely fits my aesthetic.

By Terry Beach Bomb

The Colour

Beach Bomb is a reddened coral shade. It is not Exhibit A from NARS red but there is a strong red element in it.  As a result it is perfect for deep and dark skin tones.  The intensity of the shade in a swatch does not translate to the face.  This colour is almost a natural looking blush which is perfect for almost every makeup look.

By Terry Beach Bomb

The Texture

The texture of the powder is super smooth.  Between your fingers it blends away into nothing.  Swatches are buildable – very buildable.  This formula really does last all day.  I can powder over it and it is still there after 12 hours on my face which can get pretty greasy. I have had this blusher for a couple of months and I have been using it almost daily. Not that you can tell from the pan because the cushioned embossed pressing is still there.  This is a hard pressed powder but that does not mean that it is a hard powder.  It isn’t.  No hard pan regardless of what brush you use.  What it means is that you have to work hard to get through this product.  For a blusher this is actually pretty good because the product is pigmented so you don’t want to pick up too much product on the brush.

Final Thoughts

Beach Bomb blends well with other cheek products, not just highlighter and bronzer but if you are wearing a shade that you think may not be for you, it is possible that the addition of a bit of beach body will just tone the colour down or up slightly depending on the shade.

If you are someone who loves blusher, you may not want to pay more than fifty pounds (!) for one blusher.  I get it.  I really do.  A full size blusher takes about a year to get through so you are going to have this product in your collection a long time.  However, if you are a one blush kind of a gal, than this may well be the product for you. The colour range is extremely wearable for all skintones and the aesthetic is divine… (in my humble opinion).

Would you pay over fifty pounds for a blusher?  Let me know in the comments below.  You can read more of my blush reviews here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.


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