Tom Ford: Sahara Haze Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Sahara Haze Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Sahara Haze Eyeshadow Quad

Sahara Haze is probably the least reviewed eyeshadow quad from Tom Ford, but having seen it and swatched it in the flesh many times before purchasing it I feel that this deserves more love then it receives.

Tom Ford Sahara Haze Eyeshadow Quad

This is a big quad.  It is ten centimetres by six and three quarter centimetres.  By comparison, a Bobbi  Brown Quad is about six and a half by six and a half centimetres.  Tom Ford is a man that believes in glamour and doing your make up at your dressing table in your boudoir.

Tom Ford Sahara Haze Eyeshadow Quad

I have carried this quad in my make up bag but to be honest, it is best left at home.  It is not that it got battered in my bag – because it didn’t.  I protected the gorgeous chocolate brown and gold packaging with the suedette pouch that is provided but I like to take my time applying this make up at home.  This quad opens very easily and closes securely. From the mirror which is very generous in size and shows seven eighths of my very round face to the Tom Ford logo that is etched in the bottom quadrant so as not to interrupt you applying your shadow, everything about this palette is solid and  ergonomically designed.  Inside are ten grams of product so each shade is two and a half grams.  Compare this with the one and a half grams of a standard MAC eyeshadow , or two point eight grams of a Bobbi Brown single eyeshdadow.  It is a very generous amount of product.

Tom Ford Sahara Haze Eyeshadow Quad

Inside the palette are two double ended applicators.  I have not thrown these away as one of the ends of the applicator has a very small angled goat hair brush which is great working colour into the crease line of the lid.

The shades aren’t named, which I think is a shame but forgiveable as the textures are gorgeous.

  • Top left is the satin finish champagne / yellow.  This is beautiful as a backdrop for lashes and liner but also to highlight the tearduct.  If I have used a brown transition shade I can apply it sparingly to highlight the brow bone but I use a very light hand.
  • Top right is a taupe/grey shade that has a green undertone.  It is the shade that I though I would use the least but works beautifully on it’s own, or blended into the crease.
  • Bottom left if the glitter shade.  It is super smooth – the glitter is a mixture of both gold and silver and whilst it is not the most pigmented shade of the four, it does deposit enough colour to be worn on it’s own and registering as a mid green on the lids
  • Bottom right is my favourite shade of the four, a blackend green with shimmer particles that are smaller then the glitter of the previous shade.

Tom Ford Sahara Haze Eyeshadow Quad

This is the perfect alternative to a black / silver smoky eye which is why I bought it.  The texture of each shade is smooth without being too buttery.  They blend like a dream so I find that it is easy to create a variety of looks as you dont look in the mirror and see harsh lines.

I have also used the shades wet.  The palette is not ‘designed’ for that and I wet the brush once it is loaded with product rather then the palette but it just adds intensity to the palette.  On the taupe / grey shade it brings out the grey, the glitter shade when wet gives an intensified sparkle and the darkest shade wet deepens the shade.

I love this palette. I love the packaging, I love the shades and the textures and I love the looks that I have created and will continue to create with it.  Would I get more use from a brown / neutral palette?  Not necessarily.  Will I buy another eyeshadow palette from the range?  Probably.



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