Product Alert: Avene Physiolift

Avene Physiolift

In December last year I attended the 30 Plus beauty debate Isn’t Beauty Ageless which was supported by French Pharmacy Brand Avene. Attendees were given a peek into the brands latest ‘anti-ageing’ skincare range Physiolift, and the event inspired my blog post ‘Ageing Is Normal’.

The range was developed for people who are looking for skincare that deals with the signs of ageing but that are not in very stimulating formulas.  People like me.  Despite being firmly in the age range that brands are targeting for ‘anti-ageing’ products, many anti-aging formulas irritate my skin as they have too many actives or actives at a concentration which overstimulate my skin. So Avene have gained my interest in this range, however, this range is covered in the words ‘deep wrinkle’ and as we all know – wrinkles are not the only sign of ageing.  The continued focus on wrinkles rather than firmness in skincare is another indicator of the singularity that the industry treats the female consumer with but that is a rant for another day!

Avene Physiolift

Avene very generously gifted attendees the full Physiolift range and I have been using it for two months. The whole range in in airless pumps which are pretty robust and keep the clean slightly clinical look.  The range consists of an eye cream, two moisturisers a wrinkle filler and a night cream and I have had a chance to test them thoroughly.

Across the range the actives are hyaluronic acid, (moisture) pre-tocopheryl (a stable form of vitamin E which is an antioxidant) and Ascofilline which is a patented product that Avene say promotes collagen production. None of the products have added perfume but there is a light fragrance with some of them. There have been clinical trials on the produts but the trial numbers are very low – as low as 31 in some cases so I don’t really rate the results.

Day Smoothing Emulsion

This moisturiser is formulated for normal to combination skin. It is a light formula which is when applied to the skin and absorbs quicly.

Day Smoothing Cream

Formulated for normal to dry skin and has a ‘cold cream’ texture


Avene Physiolift

Eye Cream

This is a rich eye cream- you may find it too rich to use twice a day. It is recommended not to use it over the eyelids, just around the orbital bone. A pump is far to much for both eyes so you have to squeeze the pump slowly to dispense a suitable amount of product.

Night Soothing Regenerating Balm

This is my favourite product from the range. Richer than the day cream but not greasy it has a very small amount of vitamin A derivative in it (retinal)

Wrinkle Filler

I don’t have deep wrinkles so this product is not aimed at me but in the spirit of comprehensive testing I used this as a serum across my whole face. The serum is creamy yellow in colour but had no tightening or filling or smoothing impact on my skin.   It did not do anything for me.

If you have specific skin ageing issues that you want to address, I don’t think that Physiolift is the range for you. I can’t talk about its effect on wrinkles, but it had no impact on my skin’s firmness, texture or pigmentation which are all part of an ageing skin. Prices start from £25 for the moisturiser so it is not a ‘budget’ skincare range but it will leave you hydrated. If you are not fussed about silicones and / or fragrance Physiolift may be a good option. It is easily accessible (you can get it in Boots or online) and the textures are nice but the range did not wow me.


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