Glo and Ray – Revisited

Glo and Ray Revisited

I reviewed Glo and Ray soon after they launched in 2015.  You can read my review here.   I was very impressed with their pigmentation levels and they had some cute packaging but the brand was new and just getting established. It was an edit of products rather then a full suite of products.  Fast forward two years and I still use the purple eyeshadow quad regularly.  As the brand has progressed they have extended their range of products and their packaging (which was never bad) has had an upgrade.  Very sexy red tube for the lippie and Bobbi Brown-esque jars for the pigments. You can even buy the range on QVC now.

Glo and Ray: Pure Galaxy Eye Pigments (£12.90)

Glo & Ray Eye Pigments

GoldManic – a beautiful delicious copper shade which is my favourite ‘gold’ tone.  This pigment is mega smooth and applies well over powder shadow, cream shadow and glitter glue to provide a smooth effect.  My preference is to use it with water to minimise fall out and create a paste which I then apply to the face. If like me you are copper crazy, add it to a cream blush or highlight to create a gorgeous blush or base for a blinding highlight.  I have even been known to add a smidge to a body oil for an intense body glow.

Glo & Ray Eye Pigments

Dazzle Dazzle – Rose gold is sooo flattering.  On my skin-tone, it is more gold then rosey but again this is a gorgeous smooth pigment which I use on eyes or cheeks for highlight.  Easy to apply and lasts all day.

Glo & Ray Eye Pigments

More Electric – This is a lavender –fuchsia pink shifting duo-chrome.  The brand describe it as neon purple but every time I apply it, either dry or wet, all I can see is DUOCHROME and I love it.  This has the thickest ‘glitter’ texture. You can see individual particles, you get the most fall out of the three eye pigments.  It is a different animal from the other two shades but you will not be surprised to know that it is my favourite because the duo-chrome shift is spectacular.  You can see it from every angle.

Glo and Ray: Goldfever Lipstick (£12.00)

Glo & Ray Goldfever Lipstick

In my makeup wearing life I have seen the frosty/ metallic lip come and go several times.  From the frosty icy shades that I grew up with to the iridescent shimmers and foils we see today I have always enjoyed this trend – even when it was not trending.  The Gold Fever lipstick is a bit of a chameleon.  In the tube it looks like pure molten metal.  It is the kind of product that you don’t really want to use… however, on application, you see that the metal was just a ‘plating’ or out covering and inside is the most gorgeous summer shade.  The brand describe it as brown but on me – without liner, it is a perfect orange shade with gold micro-shimmer.

Glo & Ray Eye Pigment Swatches

It is a beautiful shade for the summer but truth be told, it does not really go with my purple and pink eye-shadows.  This is a colour that I have been wearing with a brown matte eyeshadow and lashings of mascara, luminous foundation and banging highlighter. It is the perfect summer, bronze goddess look.  The lippie is not at all gritty, applies like a dream and is opaque over my two different coloured lips. I have not used a lip liner when I have worn it but an orange lip liner would definitely amp up the tangerine element and increase wear time.  On paper I should not be getting over excited about this lippie but as you can tell, I am.

Glo and Ray is still lacking complexion products for women of colour although I have been assured by the brand that this is coming soon.  Overall however this new range of products is gorgeous and has definitely led me to re-investigating the brand.

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