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Some weeks ago, I was formally introduced to the By Kilian range.  I was vaguely aware of the brand having walked past it in Harrods and Harvey Nichols.  I finally got to play and spray this intriguing range and I got a sneaky peek of the next UK launch from By Kilian, Vodka on the Rocks.


Killian Hennesy is grandson of Killian (cognac) Hennesy.  Since 1987 Hennessy has been part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy luxury goods conglomerate. There are some great brands under the LVMH family including Marc Jacobs, Moet Chandon Champagne and of course Henessy Cognac.(I am more of a Courvoisier girl myself but don’t tell anyone).  Interestingly By Kilian has recently been acquired by the Lauder group.  We have to wait and see what if any effect this has on the accessibility of the brand and or if there is a cross pollinisation of Kilian-isms with other brands but the whole thing is fascinating.  Watch this space.

By Kilian In the Garden Of Good and Evil Collection

It really is no surprise that growing up surrounded by cognac you have a career in fragrance.  Kilian trained at Christian Dior, and worked at Alexander McQueen as well as Armani on the Armani Prive fragrances.

By Kilian Arabian Nights (Ouds)

With By Kilian there is an element of returning back to how we used to wear fragrance.  In a ring or piece of jewellery so that you, the wearer benefit from the fragrance rather than the outside world.  By Kilian truly provides a fragrance experience.  Stemming from the belief that true luxury is not expendable there are atomisers, and refills provided throughout the range to encourage you to reuse everything you have.

By Kilian Vodka On The Rocks

Vodka on the Rocks was created in 2007 to celebrate the opening of the Moscow store.  It was only available in selected regions but it will be available in the UK from 15th October 2015.  Available in 50ml refillable spray or 250 ml carafe.  This fragrance smells like Vodka.  Good quality vodka where the botanical element is slightly stronger.

By Killian St Louis Crystal Carafe

It lasts about 7 hours on my skin.  The first five hours are very ‘just poured a vodka’, the last two hours are a very close to the skin clean scent.  I can’t recognise the notes from smelling them but I am reliably informed that they are

  • coriander,
  • cardamom,
  • aldehydes,
  • rhubarb,
  • rose,
  • lily of the valley and
  • sandalwood.

I have absolutely no idea how these notes which all have quite distinctive smells can be blended to form something that is not a strong scent but that is the skill of a nose.  Instinctively you may consider that this is a masculine scent but you may find yourself enjoying it if you enjoy clean fragrances.

By Kilian Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moir

If you love fragrance, the Burlington Arcade store provides a far superior experience that the department store and it is definitely worth a visit.  If you serious about fragrance, and are looking for a signature scent that everyone else isn’t wearing you need to try By Kilian.

Vodka on the Rocks will be available from October 15th at authorised UK stockists.


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