NYX Lipsticks To Help You Survive the Party Season

NYX Lipsticks for the party season

Christmas is coming and the party invitations are stacking up. I am carefully reviewing my NYX lipstick stash as they will be an important part of my look.  What has Christmas got to do with NYX lipsticks?  Well, a few years ago I lost a couple of beautiful EXPENSIVE lipsticks during the party season.   One was during a conversation with a ‘new friend’ I made in the ladies loo.  The conversation went something like… I like your lipstick, oh thanks, its… wow that packaging is amazing…After this slightly inebriated conversation I left the venue with out my lipstick.  I reckon I left it by the sink.  Like I said, I was slightly inebriated.

NYX Lipsticks

The second incident happened in a cab I dropped the lippie and didn’t realise  got out of the cab started to enjoy the party, was ready to touch up the lippie and could not find it. That was £25 down the drain and I swore that was not going to happen again.  On a night out, I won’t be taking my most expensive lippies but I still want to pack a punch with the colour on my lips.

My go to range for Christmas parties is the NYX range.  Colours for all skin tones, formulas for all preferences and all at a price that won’t leave you crying into your pillow if when you loose them en route to and or from the party.  This year I will be rocking:-

Butter Gloss – for the sit down dinner (Red Velvet)

NYX Butter Gloss in Red Velvet

These are great for the Christmas party where there is going to be food as you can reapply them regularly, without the need for a mirror.  They are quite emollient so probably not the best thing for mince pie and sherry gathering… but if you are eating big food that is going to be eaten off during the course of the meal, there is no point going in with your perfectly applied matte red lip make your life a little easier and go for a butter gloss and reapply at the end of the meal.  Red Velvet is the perfect Christmas red.  After dinner apply a lip liner with the gloss over the top and you are good for the rest of the night.

The Round Lipstick – Fireworks display/ Barbecue ( Gardenia)

NYX Round Lipstick in Gardenia

When I am invited to an outdoor activity, after working out how many layers I can fit under my coat, my second thought is my lip colour.  A bold colour with an emollient formula works best.  Matte lipstick when you are going to be standing out in the cold is not ideal but the round lipstick formula gives you the best of both worlds.  Pigmented with a sheen, Gardenia is a glorious pinky colour with a formula that belies the price. Helped with a application of lipliner this product stays the course.   The packaging is basic.  You can see the colour through the bottom of the lid and small enough to pop into a coat pocket The rounded cut out shape of the bullet means that it hugs the lips which makes reapplication easy.

Matte lipstick  – for the drinks party (Aria)

NYX Matte Lipstick Aria

Whether you are on the sherry, the egg nog or the mulled wine, a matte lipstick is the perfect option for a dinks party.  You wont leave your mark on your glass or the person that you are kissing under the mistle toe.  Aria is a gorgeous, pigmented deep pink that screams sophistication and fun.  It is not drying on the lips at all, and performs like a much more expensive product.

Chubby Stick – for the Christmas date (Caramel Macchiato)

NYX Chunky Dunk Caramel MacchiatoThis is one for you, if like me you are going to be kissing your main squeeze during the part season.  Or, if you are going to be sharing a first kiss (ahhh) with someone at this special time of year.   The Mr prefers not to have a smattering of pigmented purple eg Iman Taboo on his face after a smooch with me.  Wearing a nude lip colour means that I am more likely to get my Christmas kiss.  If your significant other feels the same about your gorgeous statement lip (after all, we wear makeup for us not them) a nude balm-esque formula might be your saving grace.  Caramel Macchiato is the perfect shade for me for this specific purpose.  I’ve tested it out on a couple of date nights. Not only is the colour beautifully flattering,  The post smooch aftermath on his face was minimal.

NYX Lipsticks swatches dark skin

Which NYX Lipsticks will you be wearing during the party season?

NYX is available online and from Boots stores.  Prices for lip products start from £4.00

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