Makeup Forever Artist Palette for Holiday 2016

MUFE Artist Palette (Holiday 2016)

I  bought another Makeup Forever Artist Palette!  This is my third one and it won’t be my last.  I have been thinking about this for the last week and they are in my top 3 eye shadows.  They have a great range of colours, they have a great range of textures and the dimethicone / gel formula makes the shadows long lasting and vibrant all day and fall out in not something that I experience with them..  There mattes are good (I still prefer Viseart mattes).

 MUFE Artist Palette (Holiday 2016)

The other two artist palettes that I own are numbered and themed.  This Artist Palette was released for the holiday season but it has no number and from what I can tell no theme.  It is just a delicious selection of 9 fabulous makeup forever palettes.

 MUFE Artist Palette (Holiday 2016)

The Packaging.

The tin is really cute, but it is also bulky so this is for me a dressing table item and not one for travel as they other two that I own are.  .Each eyeshadow is separated by a black foam like substance which is fine when you have not used the product.  Once you start to use the shadows however, you get the shadows however it gets messy.  The lid clicks on securely but after carrying the tin in my work bag, I have no doubt it would be severely dented.I like the tin, and would love the brand to make them without the shadows in them so I could fill it with cotton wool… or mascaras… or eye and lip pencils.   The tin is more than two inches deep.  Trust me, cotton wool would be a better use for the tin.

MUFE Artist Palette (Holiday 2016)

 The Colours.

All of the shades are either shimmer (S), metallic (S) or irridescent (I)

  • S102 – ONYX.  Satin black
  • ME122 – SNOW.  Frosty white
  • ME108 – STEEL. Metallic mid tone grey
  • ME302 – PEACOCK. Metallic teal
  • D712 – CREME BRULEE. Intense yellow gold
  • ME912 – ORCHID. Metallic pink with blue undertone. (MUFE call this a blush)
  • I220 SAPPHIRE. Shimmery navy blue
  • D552 – CRYSTALLINE GREY BEIGE. Light taupe
  • ME614 – GRAPHIC BROWN.  Metallic chestnut brown

MUFE Artist Palette (Holiday 2016)

Repeated shades. 

Generally in my makeup collection I don’t have so much of one single brand that i have doubles of shades but in purchasing this third MUFE Artist Palette I have found that 3 of the 9 shades I already own in the other palettes that I have. Thankfully I am not upset about these duplications as they are all shades that I love and use regularly.  

  • Onyx.  The MUFE shimmer black his highly pigmented and my go to shades for a black smoky eye which is something that I wear quite regularly.  Over a black cream base it is stunning.  I am not at all upset to have a repeat of this.
  • Peacock  This shade is so beautiful on the skin how could I be upset that I have a dupe?  I have a major dent in my Artist Palette 2 so this is a welcome replication.
  • Creme Brulee.  Admittedly this is not my favourite shade of eyeshadow but the reason that I like it is because it doubles up as a highlighter.

The MUFE eyeshadow range runs to more than 200 different colours.  Not sure why they choose from such a small range of colours but I’m hopeful that this will change in the future.

 I LOVE this palette, I can do smokey eyes, neutral eyes or colourful eyes with the palettel.  Occasionally  I go to a second palette for a matte transition colour but that is rare as the colours blend out perfectly.  My favourite shade is graphic brown.  It is the perfect ‘interesting brown’ shade for my skintone and I will definitely be getting a back up.

MUFE Artist Palette Swatches Dark Skin

if you are in your local Debenhams, it is definitely worth picking up either as an introduction to the brand or to amp up your collection.  It is limited edition so be quick!


You can read my thoughts on the other two MUFE Artist palettes here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.  


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