New from GOSH Copenhagen for Autumn/Winter 2017

Affordable Danish beauty brand GOSH consistently provides innovative products for Superdrug at reasonable prices.  Their offering for AW17 brings a variety of products that are a mixed bag of gimmick and wearable essentials.  The following items are newly launched into Superdrug.

Brow Shape and Fill (002 Grey Brown) £8.99

GOSH releases AW17

Available in three shades, this brow shape and fill product would be a dupe for  Tom Ford  and Anastasia Beverly Hill products if it has a spoolie.  The triangular nib is best if you have thicker brows that you want to shade.  If you have thinner brows where you want to add hairs where it is sparse, you may find this to be hard work.

Colour Corrector Kit (001 Colour Mix) £11.99

GOSH releases AW17
Colour Corrector Kit

I think that it is great that GOSH have stepped into the color correcting game.  They size of this palette is really realistic.  THere isn’t an overwhelming amout of product and the mirror means that you can apply on the go if need be.

GOSH releases AW17
Colour Corrector Kit Swatches

The texture is not to stiff and not too loose so you can actuallly apply with fingers of a brush and it will stay on the skin.  However, I cannot use this palette.  The deepest peach shade is WAY too light for me and until the brand creates an orange red version this a a pass for me.

Eyeshadow Palette (005 To Party In London) £11.99

GOSH releases AW17

In my opinion this is the sister to the To Be Cool in Copenhagen eyeshadow palette that I reviewed here.  This is an all shimmer  palette but interestingly this formula is better than other shimmers from other palettes. Definitely a highlight from the collection.

GOSH releases AW17
To Party in London Swatches

The mixture of warm and cool tones mean that thre is something for everyone and the soft texture blends out like a dream.

Eyeshdaow Primer (001 Nude) £8.99

GOSH releases AW17
Eyeshadow Primer

I like the idea behind this product. If you enjoy a MAC paintpot or a Lola eyeshadow base – that is to say a thicker primer for the lids you will like this product. In theory it is a good idea to have a buffing sponge on the other end of the product but I found it did not blend out product welll as the sponge was too hard.  Sadly this product is only available in one shade. If GOSH were to follow the example of Smashbox and have a variety of shades this could be a winner. I have used it under matte and shimmer shadows and found that once it was blended with a brush it worked well.

Growth Serum £16.99

GOSH releases AW17

I am really excited about this product but have not been using it long enough to say whether it works yet. As someone in need of tails to my brows, it is great to find a product on the high street and at a reasonable price.  The active ingredient is not exclusive to this product. It can be found in a range of brow and lash products and there is some clinical evidence to support the fact that it will have a positive effect on the brows… but the proof is in the testing!

Lift and Highlight (001 Nude) £9.99

GOSH releases AW17

This double ended pencil has been created to highlight under the brown. It is available in two shades and sadly both shades are too light for me. The matte end for me doubles up as an eyeshadow base, the shimmer end is a pretty gold tone which I use on the inner corner of my eyes.  The texture of the pencils is not the softest so it is good for the brows.  Please GOSH can you make a some brown- bronze shades for deeper skintones!

Lumi Drops (012) Rose Gold £7.99

GOSH releases AW17

One of my all time favourite products from GOSH are their Lumi Drops.  These liquid highlighter/blusher/bronzer options provide a sheen and glow the the skin that is beautiful and buildalbe.  Rose Gold is a highlighter on my skintone and I love to use it as a base for a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector.

Prime’n’Set – Banana £9.99

GOSH releases AW17

This product is not new to the GOSH range – they have a translucent version.  This banana shade seems like a bit of a throw back for 2017. The shade does not work for me as a setting powder (I can make it work as a primer) but the translucent version does.  This product is a precursor to other priming powders that are now on the market so it is worth swatching the produt in store.

Strobe’n’Glow Kit (Highlight 001) 12.99

GOSH releases AW17

GOSH describe this as a blush and highlight kit but on my rich skintone it is definitely all highlighters.

GOSH releases AW17
Strobe’n’Glow swatches

The bronze, yellow gold and champagne gold shades are all pretty but replicatable shades.  The purple/pink highlighter is surprisingly flattering and my most used shades from the quad.

Primer Plus Skin Adaptor (£14.99)

GOSH releases AW17

The unique selling point of the primer is that it adapts to your skintone.  Problem is, if you have a rich skintone it does not ‘adapt’, The product only comes in one shade so I cant comment on it’s efficacy.


Final Thoughts

As much as I love GOSH, their lack of  complexion products for women of colour continues to be an issue.  GOSH is retailed in 93 countries world wide including countries where the majority of women have pigmented skintones.  When I asked the question of the team, I was told that this is the questioon that they get asked most often. It is no surprise to me, but what is surprising is how long it is taking for the brand to react.  I have been assured by the brand that 2018 will see ‘a product’ launching.  As always, lets watch this space and keep the brand accountable.

Read more of my GOSH product reveiws here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.


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