Maison Francis Kirkdjan – Aqua Universalis

Aqua Universalis

Francis Kirkdjan is one of my favourite noses and Aqua Universalis is a great  clean cotton / musk fragrance.   Not an in your face kind of smell, although I probably spray far to much of it.

This is the kind of fragrance when I need to get my head down and write a report that I have been putting off for a while.  It is the kind of smell that I want my sheets to have – but of course, I wont be spraying this on my bed linen as it costs a fortune.

Aqua Universalis

You can buy this fragrance in laundry detergent and fabric softener but I really think that if I used these products I would never get out of bed! As with Narcisco Rodriguez For Her, it is subtle musky scent – even when you spray it liberally.   I  don’t get citrus in the opening burst of the fragrance despite the bergamot and lemon in the blend.  Lilly of the valley is a white floral that is really associated with old ladies but it is so pretty I don’t understand why.  It gives a bit of the powder and a gentle sweetness.

Aqua Universalis

On the mister, this smells a little sour, not quite right, he does not enjoy it at all.  If you like Pure Grace and Amazing Grace from Philosophy, I would put this slap bang in the middle.  It is not the overbearing soapiness of Pure Grace, but it does have the clean scent, and it is not quite a florally / sweet as Amazing Grace

This fragrance smells very familiar and because it is very gentle it is the kind of fragrance that /I would spritz before going to visit a new mum and a new born baby but equally I would spray this if I were going to visit a relative in hospital.  Because it does not have huge silage, it stays quite close around you which can be a good think in an uncomfortable environment.  Lots of people like this in the hot weather but for me this is better in the cooler weather – in the hot weather I prefer to have something sharper to cut the heat and humidity.


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