Bioeffect’s very effective EGF Serum

Bioeffect EGF Serum

The older I get the greater interest I have in cosmeceutical products.  When I was younger, this grade of product really had no effect on my skin, but now I am beginning to see results.  Prior to the Selfridges Beauty Box, I was not familiar with BioEffect but now that I do know about them and the impact that it has had on my face, I already know that the Body Serum is the next item on my ever growing  wish list.

Despite the depth of scientific research behind the brand, there is a simplicity about the range that is refreshing.  The candy striped box for me does not really fit in with the image of the brand but it is not horrible, I think I would have gone for something stronger.  Anyway, the serum is dispensed via pipette and as someone with a science background I appreciate the exactness of that.

The serum is colourless and the odour, if you put your nose right into the product, has a faint acidity which quickly disperses.  the instructions say that one drop will do your whole face… but with my ginormous forehead and chubby cheeks… and propensity to be heavy handed with product, I have been using 2 -3 drops.  This is a serum, not an oil , it has  a slight cooling effect on the skin and whilst it is easily worked into the skin there comes a point quite quickly where there is no more slip.  The product leaves the skin moisturised by matte.

It makes a straightforward night time routine and is very effective on the skin.  The following morning, my skin is plump, moisturised refined with a definite firming effect and I’m continuing to see an improvement on my skin.



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