Pucker Up: YSL Rouge Pur Couture (39) Pourpre Divin

YSL Rouge Poupre Divin


This is the colour that I will be wearing today – Valentines Day, but more importantly  the day that I have a very important meeting at work.   This is part of my secret armoury.  This is Divine Purple.  This is my signature colour.


I love the colour purple and it is not as easy as you would expect to find a lipstick that is an equal mix of blue and red (ie purple).  There are LOTS  of mauves, which are great, and pinky purples and lillac purples and every connotation in between but a shimmer free true purple is not so easy to find.


Lots of purples dont look purple on me, they look like a berry colour or just a kind of non descript dark on my lips, which are pigmented.  This purple is true purple.  No shimmer, no neon, no bells and whistles, it is the Ronseal of purples.  It does what it says on the tin… in  glorious heavyweight gold YSL packaging.


This formula is highly pigmented so the colour applies evenly on both my lips despite them being different colours.  The formula is moisturising without having a high shine and it wears down to a stain effect which can be brought back to life through reapplication or a quick swipe of a lip balm.  The colour is beautiful as a statement lip colour, however, as I used to do in the 90’s I can wear this with a purple eyeshadow and plum blush.  Overkill?  Maybe… but purple is my favourite colour!!



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