A makeup throwback: Lipcote and Browcote

Browcote and Lipcote

We are going a bit retro on the blog with a product that has seen it’s heyday pass and the new kid on the block.  Lipcote and Browcote.  Before the long wear matte liquid lipstick trend that has become a permanent part of our makeup life there was Lipcote.  For the consumers who did not know that a light dusting of translucent powder through a single ply of tissue helps to mattify and increase the longevity of a lipstick … there was Lipcote.

Browcote and Lipcote

Lipcote promised to keep the lipstick on your lips and not on your cup.  Sadly Lipcote usually failed to perform so I was interested  to see if the 2016 version was up to par.  Then I realised that there was now a new product in the range.  BrowCote, which promises to do for brows what Lipcote does for lips.   So I figured I would give them both a try.

Browcote and Lipcote

The 2016 version of Lipcote  now has a vanilla scent.  Wooooop wooop…. except I am not the biggest fan of vanilla.  Is it just an attempt to mask the chemical smell?  Probably, but to be honest, it doesn’t.  The idea behind Lipcote is that it is a fixative… like a hairspray for your lips.    The Lipcote of old was very tightening on the lips.  The modern version is similar but having spent a couple of years with liquid lipsticks on my lips and I am pretty accustomed to that feeling now.

Browcote and Lipcote

My main issue with Lipcote is the applicator.  The brush messes up your lipstick.  It is like a nail varnish brush ie stiff.  It picks up lipstick and puts it back in the tube messing up future applications.  My suggestion is to put some on the back of your hand or the palm of your hand (where there are no pores) the back of your hand tends to absorb the product.  Then quickly apply it to your lips with your fingertips.  I tried it over several lipsticks including Iman, Estee Lauder and Urban Decay.  My conclusion is, that as in the nineties, this product does not work. The science behind it is sound but it fails dramatically in the execution.  A resin fixative is not new in the beauty industry, from nail varnish to finishing sprays but somehow Lipcote just don’t seem to be able to manage it on the lips.   Both the formula and the application let it down.

Browcote and Lipcote

Browcote is a different kettle of fish.  A brow gel is not a new product but it is for this range.  A brow gel from Lipcote I am expecting to fix my brows in place and this does.  It is a clear gel in a clear tube so make sure you apply your brows first… or clean off the brush between applications but I use it as a base. I have very sparse tails of the brown and I have to construct that part of the brow so I like to use the brow gel first and fill in using a a powder or pencil depending on my preference for that day.  It does not leave the brows super shiny or very dull which is a brow product giveaway for many gels.  It does hold the brows in place but with a good spoolie you can also brush through the brows if you want a feathery look.


If you are considering buying either of these products,  Browcote is definitely the winner.  Leave LipCote on the shelves and just buy a long wearng lipstick

Lipcote and Browcote are available from Superdrug and other authorised stockists.  Prices start from £3.99

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