Guinot Eau Demaquillante Parfaite (One Step Cleansing Water)

Guinot is a French salon brand that, that unlike Decleor is rarely seen outside of salons.


I am a fan of cleansing waters so I was interested to try one from a French heritage brand.   According to Guinot, this removes eye and face make up AND tones.  I just need it to remove my make up – which it does very well.  Mascara, cream eye shadow, foundation and lippie all removed easily and without irritation.  This micellaire does not leave the skin taut but I always follow it with a cleansing product.


The lid of the bottle has a slightly raised lip which makes it easier to open and the bottle is decorated in Guinot’s signature Gold and Red.  It smells fresh but not like cucumbers with a slightly sweet edge, and unlike the Avene, I dont need half a packet of cotton wool to take my make up off with.  It is on a par with Bioderma – there I said it… however it reccomended retail price is £22 for 200ml, whereas Bioderma is approximately £16 for 500ml which makes the Guinot very expensive in comparison.


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