Crowning Glory: Phyto PhytoLactum + Shampoo

This is actually an empties post.  I have kept the bottle because it is so beautiful, I have refilled the bottle with a mixture of jojoba, olive, sweet almond and rosemary essential oil which I use on my hair

PhytoLactum Box

Patrick Ales the founder of Phyto is a bit like the David Bellamy of the hair care world.  He has the slightly grizzly but clearly very healthy salt and pepper hair and full beard and he is passionate about the use of botanicals in hair preparations.  As a hairdresser he saw the impact of chemicals on clients hair and decided to create a plant based line.  He merged his enthusiasm for botany with his knowledge of hair and ‘eh voila’ (Patrick Ales is French so it is possible that he said that) Phyto was created.  The brand is nearly fifty years old and still going strong with his testament to the quality and efficacy of the products.

PhytoLactum with Box

The bottle is metal (aluminium) and has a beautiful blue leaf design on it.  The shampoo details are on a transfer which I have subsequently removed.  The screw top is plastic and very secure.

PhytoLactum Label

The fragrance would be best described as gentle almond which was not at all overpowering and left my hair gently fragranced.  This was the shampoo I used post gym (I did go occasionally!), to freshen my hair up between heavy conditioning washes, and for those occasions where I was not going to be retwisiting my roots.  It does contain  sodium lauryl sulphate but it is naturally derived (from coconut oil).  PhytoLactum + can in no way be described as a clarifying or stripping shampoo.

PhytoLactum no label

It was quite rich for a frequent use shampoo but that is why I like it as my hair is very dry.  It also is not super foaming probably as a result of the high (35%) almond milk content and the coconut oil base.  It rinses out easily and does actually clean the hair as opposed to just making it smell nice.  My hair loves this stuff.  It is not at all irritating on the scalp and is in fact meant for dry scalp /dandruff issues.  I don’t suffer with dandruff so I don’t leave it on the scalp for two minutes before rinsing as the instructions suggest.

Phyto have changed their packaging since I bought it and sadly PhytoLactum Intelligent Shampoo + has been discontinued.  I had this bottle for a year in my beauty cupboard (hence the slightly battered box) and nursed this  bottle for a year.  If you are interested in the Phyto range and a looking for a hydrating frequent use shampoo, have a look at Phytojoba shampoo.


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