Batting My Lashes: Loreal Paris False Lash Architect

Loreal Paris False Lash Architect

It is no secret that I am a fan of high end products, but I know that  there are good products on the high street so I am happy to browse my local chemists and see what is available.

Loreal Mascara (3)

Maybelline is my usual go to for mass market mascara but I though I would try one of  L’Oreal’s offerings.  Sadly I am disappointed.   The smell of this mascara is pretty strong – not like pear drops, but there is a solvent smell to it and continued inhaling may make your eyes water.

Loreal Mascara (2)

The brush is quite long and not super tapered.  The formulation includes fibre but they do not irritate the eyes, you can see the fibres in the formulation.

Loreal Mascara

The lashes are soft and flexible after application.  I like the packaging, the silver and black, it is quite sleek and can stand up on it’s end, which is good. I like the uneven hexagonal lid. The main issue for me is that the claims of this product are not met at all.  This claims not to just be lengthening, but to give a false lash effect.  Errr nope.  It claims to give a four dimensional effect.  Errr nope again.  On my lashes, it is not as good as Maybelline Falsies or Benefit They’re Real.  Very disappointing.


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