Arbonne Aromotherapy Essentials Unwind Sea Salt Scrub

Unwind Arbonne Salt Scrub

I love a body scrub and this one from Arbonne was gifted to me by a friend of mine.  The Unwind range has aromatherapy oils (chamomile and ylang ylang) which are said to aid relaxation.  Personally I find ylang ylang quite stimulating so I tend to use this product in the morning rather then at night before bed.

Unwind Arbonne Salt Scrub

The ingredients are listed in the latin name, which means that for people like me who study labels, I had to go on the internet to translate Cananga Oderata to Ylang Ylang.  It would be really helpful to have the common English name for the plant.  The packaging is not very exciting a black plastic jar with a screw on lid.  This is not the ideal packaging for transporting the product around once opened as the oil will tend to escape.

Arbonne Salt Scrub

This body scrub has got some amazing skin loving oils in it including Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Mandarin Orange Peel Oil, Crambe Oil, Maracuja oil and Marula oil which are full of anti oxidants and fatty acids.  The scrub is applied to the skin the oils soften the abrasiveness of the salt as well as leaving the skin moisturised.  There is a really good ratio of oil to salt in this product. Arbonne Unwind Salt Scrub

I LOVE the fact that this product has been supplied with a spatula.  It is small but important touch.  I don’t like the fact that when you first use it, you have to dig around in the product to find it.  it would have been good if it was taped to the top of the lid when it was first arrived.

If you have access to Arbonne (and yes, I know that some of the consultants are can be heavy on the hard sell) and  are looking for a salt scrub with plenty of oil, this would be a good option.


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