Luscious Lips: Illamasqua Wanderlust

Wanderlust Illamasqua

Wanderlust is part of Illamasqua’s Intense Lipgloss range which they describe (accurately )as liquid lipstick.  Unlike their lipsticks which are matte and can be quite dry on this lips, these are much more emollient but with the same very high level of pigmentation that I expect from Illamasqua.

Wanderlust Illamasqua

The packaging is very sturdy plastic which allows you to see the colour and how much of the product you have used.  It has a brush applicator which I really don’t like.  The bristles are long and quite flimsy and I find that they splay and mean that it is hard to apply with this applicator.  This is a product that I put onto the back of my hand and apply with a push liner brush for perfect application.

Wanderlust Illamasqua (2)

The texture of the lipgloss is thick but not gloopy or sticky.  It is like a liquid lipstick.  It can be applied thickly or sheered out – it looks beautiful both ways.  It has great longevity and survives burger and chips with ease.

Wanderlust Illamasqua (3)

The colour is like nothing else on the market – Wanderlust was created by Monroe Bergdorf for the Illamasqua Creators collection last year.  Inspired by oil on water, it is a blackened-olive-khaki-golden-green.  Depending on the light and the rest of your make up the colour shifts through all of these colour.

Wanderlust Illamasqua Brush

For me, this is an every day colour.  If you are a woman of colour and have the opportunity to swatch this colour please do.  It is, in my opinion incredibly brown girl friendly.  I put this on my Mum, who is in her mid seventies, and it looked amazing on her.  I can definitely imagine her rocking it at one of her evening social events because of the gold.  I bought one for my sister who loves it and I have two.

You can layer it over  lip colour but why would you?  The colour is very opaque so the lip colour underneath does not really show through.  I love this colour, for me it is like a nude.  I tend to wear it with paired down eyes so it does not fight with the other make up on the face but I think it is lovely.

(Swatches are on Instagram)


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