International Beauty Swap #1: LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints

LA Girl lip paints

Firstly – huge thanks to my Instabuddy @2vidasindallas who sent me a bumper pack of goodies including five of the six LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints. From left to right the colours are Hot Mess (Orange), Blushing (dusky pink), Bombshell (neon pink), Pin Up (red) and my favourite Coy (Purple)

LA Girl

LA Girl have been around since 1985 and make mass market cosmetics for all skintones.  The Glaze Lip Paints are their latest big launch and in the bloggersphere they are known as a dupe for the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks.

LA Girl

These lip glosses are highly pigmented and you can build the colour up or use a lip pencil.  I would describe them as shiny but not a vinyl shine, you can mush your lips together and they will not stick to each other. Caster seed oil is the first ingredient so I got a bit excited but they also have mineral oil in them  so if you are trying to avoid mineral oil these products are not for you.

LA Girl Lip Paints

My top tip is that you don’t apply from the tube – apply with a lip brush for more defined application.   The hole in the hoof applicator is quite large so a small squeeze sends alot of product through.  The texture is thicker then an OCC lip gloss, the colours are bright but the main problem for me is that they have peppermint oil in them and I just don’t get on with lip products that have mint in them.

LA Girl Lip Paints

They have been passed to a couple of very trendy teenagers who very happy and are currently strutting around London with colourful pouts!  I did keep Coy for my self however, and I have been using it over lipsticks for a glossier pout.




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