Event: Baldwins – Natural Skincare Workshop

Baldwins Walworth Road

Baldwins, as well as being London’s oldest herbalist, selling a huge variety of products, also holds workshops in a variety of activities including making natural skincare products.

Baldwins Walworth Road

I went along to the Natural Skincare Workshop, held in the Crypt of St Peter’s Church which is a short walk from the shop, a group of eleven skincare enthusiasts were lead through the process by Susie Bradley and experienced aromatherapist and reflexologist who has been making her own skincare products for over a decade. The proof was definitely in the pudding as a skin was amazing – beautifully hydrated and glowing.  As with many around the table she began making her own products after experiencing skin irritation and reaction after purchasing a variety of skincare products.

It was a jam packed day – we made four creams and between measuring pouring and mixing, I took some pictures.


We used a variety of ingredients that were all available from Baldwins including:-

Baldwins Beeswax

Baldwins Cocoa Butter

Sunflower and Olive Oil

Baldwins Vitamin E Oil

Baldwins Essential Oils

Making a body ointment

I would call this a body balm – using oils, cocoa butter and beeswax there is no water phase.  We added mandarin essential oil which is great for smoothing the skin…(think Decleor Mandarine balm …but for the body) it smells amazing and has a gorgeous texture

Baldwins Beeswax
Beeswax is melted over a bain marie

Baldwins Cocoa Butter

Baldwins Sunflower Oil
Sunflower Oil Added to the bain marie
Baldwins Ointment
Ingredients are heated
Baldwins Ointment
Once all the ingredients are melted and the mixture has cooled it is poured into the jar to set

Making creams

We made a face cream and a hand and body cream.  The way that a cream differs from a balm or an ointment is that it has a water phase, which is combined to the oil phase using an emulsifier.  The groups that I was working with all had combination to oily skin so we used pettigrain, chamomile roman, lavender and orange which in combination are gentle but sebum balancing for the face cream.

In the hand and body cream we used orange lemon and grapefruit essential oil  which not only have an uplifting fragrance but are also great for age spots and skin smoothing  (think Aesop Rind Concentrate).  The process for both creams were the same but we used slightly different proportions so the hand and body cream had a slightly looser texture


Baldwins making a cream
A cream consists of an oil and a water phase. They have to be heated to the right temperature
Baldwins emulsifier
In order to the oil and water phase of a creem to combine, an emulsifier is needed
Baldwins making a cream
The water phase was added to the oil phase
Baldwins making a cream
After some vigorous stirring (not whisking )
Baldwins making a cream
Once the cream has cooled it can be poured into jars

Making a Gel

If like me you have an aloe vera plant, you can cut a leaf open and scoop out the gel…. if not you can make it… (think SBC Aloe Vera Gel)

Aloe Vera Gel

The finished products

Finished Products

It was a really enjoyable day, and even if I say so myself, the body balm is AMAZING.  if you are curious about making your own products… or if you have been doing it for some time and are looking for some extra tips – get in touch with Baldwins to find out when the next course is.


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