Tools of the Trade: Cover FX Cream Foundation and Powder Brushes

Cover FX Powder and Cream Foundation Brushes

Brushes – I can’t get enough of them at the moment and these are two that I have been using alot recently.  I like natural bristles and I also like synthetic brushes.  The technology around brushes as improved drastically over the last few years so you can get some great brushes with either bristle.  Long gone are the days where synthetic brushes are the cheaper alternative and synthetic brushes are required to perform equally well in terms of picking up product and blending.

The Cover FX Cream Foundation and Powder brushes are solidly built with deep silver tone ferrules and black wooden handles which have both the brand name and the function of the brush embossed quite deeply.  The brushes and the handles are quite short – but not too short and it does not affect the use of the brushes.


Cover FX Powder and Cream Foundation Brushes

The CoverFX brushes were first used on me during my contour lesson at Harvey Nichols and I was so impressed I bought three.  I have talked about the contour brush in my review of the contour palette.

Cream Foundation Brush

Cover FX Cream Foundation Brushes

This is a cream brush – scary for a woman that wears dark brown complexion products –  however this brush cleans up beautifully with whatever I use on it, be it Dr Bronners liquid soap, L’Occitane hand soap or whichever brush cleanser  I am currently using my brush reverts back to its original shape and colour every time.  This brush IS amazing!  If I want to whack some colour onto my face quickly this brush will work but it really comes into it’s own when I have a couple of minutes to spend blending my complexion product into my skin.  It is designed for cream products BUT it is also fab with my MUFE Ultra HD liquid and my Chantacaille Future Skin gel foundation. When I take a little time to blend it into the skin and the effect is flawless.  I actually prefer to use this with the Cover FX  contour kit rather than the contour brush  that was designed for use with the kit and have been using it for my stick and cream foundations.  I have nothing but love for this brush.

Powder Brush.

Cover FX Cream Powder Brush

This powder brush is interesting.  Super soft as with the Cream Foundation brush it is more densely packed then the majority of my powder brushes.  The bristles are short and dense which would make you think that it would move your foundation if you applied foundation first. However, it doesn’t.  I have used this for everything from pressed powder foundation to translucent powder and even blusher and it works beautifully for all applications.  As the bristles are quite short it is good for rolling powder onto the skin which gives an application similar to using a beauty blender for power.  The softness of the bristles means that it can be used to brush away excess powder but my favourite way to use it is as a last step.  I like to finish my face and blend out any lines or heavy-handedness with this brush and a very small amount of translucent powder.

My love for Cover FX is not waning.  I feel like this brand is really overlook but everything I have used from the brand I have loved.


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