Lancome: O De L’Orangerie

O de LOrangerie

There was a time when I had quite an extensive perfume collection but recently I found that I was down to zero full sizes and a small bag full of samples.

O de LOrangier (2)

During a recent browse of the Lancôme counter, I found myself in front of a fragrance that I was not familiar with.  O de L’Orangerie is a relatively recent  (2011) member of the Lancôme Fragrance family.

O de LOrangerie

Not as famous as the Tresor and Poeme, O de L’Orangerie is housed in a very pretty and quite large (75 ml is the smallest size) green tinged glass bottle with a bit of a green tinged silver part with the name of the perfume on it.  The lid is clear plastic which I think spoils the aesthetic slightly   It is interesting  to me that an orange blossom fragrance is in a green rather than orange tinged bottle.  It is not a bad thing but the green relates it to a crispness or greenness which I don’t think that this fragrance has.

O de LOrangerie (5)

When it  is first sprayed on the skin, the is a definite burst of citrus.  This is followed very quickly by white flowers and white flowers is what remains the stronger scent with a bit of supporting citrus for the next four to five hours.  This is not the longest wearing fragrance, but it is not bad for an eau de toilet and the seventy five millilitre size means that I feel free spraying it very liberally before heading  out the door.

O de LOrangier (4)

If you are a fan of orange blossom, give this fragrance a whiff next time you are at a Lancôme concession.  I like the fact the fact that it is quite light – don’t let anyone tell you that this is a summer fragrance.  This is great year round by itself or layered and makes a lovely change from many of the heavier, fragrances that people are wearing at this time of year.


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