Tools of the Trade: GOSH Brushes

GOSH brushes
 GOSH brushes
Brush technology has changed so much in the past few years that having affordable brushes that do a great job is a really viable option.  I am a fan of GOSH makeup so I decided to get to grips with some of the GOSH brushes to see how they faired.
GOSH Mineral Powder Brush
GOSH brushes
The handle of this brush is quite short, like a travel brush which means that it is a good brush for your make up bag.  The bristles are soft and not very densely packed  and the flat top means it has been designed for buffing.  I don’t use it for mineral powder and I don’t use mineral powder. I find that  it works for pressed translucent powder and for  stippling liquid foundation.  It is not dense enough for powder foundation application in my opinion.  I also use it to blend out powder blush highlight and contour if I have been a bit heavy handed which is a regular thing!  It is ok, not great. If you don’t use mineral foundation you don’t need it. I would invest in a different brush for other powder products.
GOSH Eye and Lip Liner Brush
GOSH brushes
Hmmmm….. no.  It is too big for either of those jobs.  I like to use it on the eyes, not on the lips at all, specifically for smoking out shadow under the eye or smudgeing out eyeliner before it has dried.  My favourite use for this brush, however is with my Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadow.  It is the perfect brush to apply the soft textured powder and then blend out.  Perfect.
GOSH Foundation Brush
GOSH brushes
This is the largest of the four brushes that I have.  It gives the best example of the sturdy construction of the brushes.  The black painted wooden handle and black ferrule give give a chic appearance and GOSH as well as the brush number are embossed in white at the bottom of the handle. The dense paddle shaped bristles are great for applying product all over the face.   Another brush that I dont use for it’s purpose.   I use this foundation brush for masks – mainly clay masks but it can be any mask. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like sticking my fingers into a pot of product.  Sometimes the mask is not supplied in a tube or with a spatula and sometimes, I just like to be fancy.  It makes application far less messy and I can still get the product into all the nooks and crannys on my face.  The brush is synthetic so it is easy to clean and I sanitise it before putting it into product.
GOSH Kabuki Brush
GOSH brushes
My favourite brush of the bunch, it is currently living in my makeup bag and I use it for translucent powder when I am out and about.  The bristles are pretty long and it is quite fluffy so I can mattify my face without having a mirror.
Overall the brushes are not my favourite drugstore range, but they are well constructed. If you are looking for a second set of brushes either for travel or to leave at a parents / partners house, it is worth considering these in store.  GOSH Brushes are available from Superdrug  and prices start from £6.99
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