Gift Guide 2015: Body Shop Colour Crush and Winter Trends

Body Shop Winter Edition

If you take a walk through your local Body Shop you will have seen some limited edition packaging and products in the make up section.  The Art Deco inspired geometric labels can be found across a range of the Colour Crush collections and highlight the Winter Trend colours. It always #FeelSoGood to give a beauty gift, whether it is to yourself or a fellow beauty addict and this collection of complimentary colours will go down a treat.

Body Shop Winter Trend Collections

Grooving Gold (£16.00)

Body Shop Grooving Gold Eyeshadow Palette

This is a beautiful, compact eye shadow quad which has a double ended brush / applicator and a good sized mirror.  Part of the Winter Trends collection. The shades are a sparkling peach (1), sparkling purple (3), sparkling mauve (2) and sparkling gold (4).   The tones are all warm and sparkly and in my opinion work really well together but you may want to reach for a matte black and or brown to complete the look.  The colours are pretty when applied to the skin dry but they take on a life of their own when used wet.  You can go from a daytime look to a super smoky look by using more of the deeper tones.  Gorgeous

Coral Blush Lipstick (£10.00)

Body Shop Colour Crush Coral Blush

Truth be told, coral lipsticks are not my favourite but I can make this moisturising colour work with the help of a brown lip liner.  On my rich skintone this colour works well as a cream blush.

The Sparkler (£14.00)

Body Shop The Sparkler

If you cant overdo the glitter during the party season when can you.  The atomiser means that you can give your skin and hair  light dusting of glitter with a gentle squeeze without getting it all over your hands. The glitter particles are quite large and the result is quite dispersed on the skin so a little goes a long way.  I would also advise spraying this before you put your clothes on especially if your party outfit is black as the particles travel quite a distance.  The sparkle has a gentle sweet vanilla scent.  I would not recommend applying this to the face as the particles are so big you will look like a glitter ball but if you want to amp up your highlight spray it onto your make up brush and then apply to the high points of the face.


Blue Abyss (£5.00)

Body Shop Colour Crush Blue Abyss and Gold Nail Sequins

Part of the Colour Crush collection, Blue Abyss is the most beautiful midnight blue.

Body Shop Blue Abyss Nail Lacquer

Opaque in one coat, the formula of this product is worthy of a much more expensive price tag.

Gold Nail Sequins (£7.00)

Body Shop Gold Nail Sequins

Glitter nails are great at any time of year but if like me you are going to be sticking your hand up a turkey, chopping lots of veggies and doing lots of washing up over the Christmas period glitter is a very practical option.  Nail Sequins has a mixture of medium sized and small gold glitter and small black glitter particles.Over Blue Abyss you only see the gold particles but this colour looks lovely over a ‘mannequin manicure’ and shows both colours up.  The glitter dries pretty smooth but would benefit from a top coat for extra longevity and smoothness.


Body Shop Winter Trends Swatches (Dark Skin)


I haven’t used Body Shop make up for many years and I was really impressed with the pigmentation and long wear of these products.  These are great gifting options and definitely worth checking out.


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