Guide to Buying A Beauty Advent Calendar

Space NK Advent Calendar
Body Shop Beauty Advent Calender 2016
Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar 2016

Beauty advent calendars are gaining popularity.  They are as much a part of the beauty landscape as contour kits and there is no sign of their popularity waning.  They are not really a Christmas gift – the idea being that  to start opening it from December 1st.  If you give one as a gift on December 25th you kind of loose the point so… these are the perfect gift for the beauty lover who has a birthday in November and of course they are the perfect gift to yourself.

Yankee Candle Advent Calender
Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

In the main Beauty Advent Calendars are filled with generous sample sizes with full sized products upping the reputational and financial premium of the brand. If you are travelling, the sample sizes are great and if you want to either get to know a brand a single brand calendar is a great option.  Try a skincare brand like Decleor or Molton Brown as you get a little bit of everything.

M&S Beauty dvent Calender Giveaway
Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar

Sizes are small and prices vary but it is a good way to dip into the brand.  Nail advent calendars are another great option for nail aficionados or people at the beginning of their nail obsession.   My regret this year was not picking up the Liberty one which was fantastic value.  The problem with beauty advent calendars can be that you get lots of products that you would not really use.  In order to help you navigate your way around a beauty advent calendar purchase, I have come up with a list of things to consider.

Type of Purchase

Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar 2016
Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar 2016

Purchase – pay the money get the product.  A very straightforward purchase and an example of this the Body Shop which have a great range of calanders at different price points.

Purchase with Purchase – make a purchase at x value  and get the calendar for a ‘special’ price eg Marks and Spencer.  Spend £35 in the store and you can purchase the calendar for £35.

Gift with Purchase –  make purchases to x value and get the calendar ‘for free’.  Eg Space NK, where for a hefty £250 purchase entitles you to the calendar.

Clearly there are pros and cons with each type of purchase.  A straight Purchase means you know what you are getting.  If you like the brand or the products and the price is within your budget, it is worth it.  The Purchase with Purchase only works if you like the store where you are making the purchase.   In the case of M&S, purchasing a beauty, or clothing item to the value of £35 is not difficult.  It would be more difficult for me to do this in a shop I did not frequent.  The Gift with Purchase is trickier still. On the surface it seems like the best option BUT  if the initial outlay is significant you really have to like the brand that you are buying from.  Me spending £250 in Space NK is a no brainer but if you are not a beauty junkie it may be a step too far.


Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar 2016

Prices can vary from a reasonable £30 to eye watering hundreds of pounds.  The main thing to consider is not the price of the calendar but the ml per ml value of the products in the  calendar that you are purchasing. The Liberty calendar is the perfect example of this.  You pay £165 but the value of the product is in excess of £600 and the packaging is beautiful.  About four times the value of the purchase price.  Definitely worth considering… carefully.  Personally having double or triple the purchase price makes it worth it but….there is one more factor to consider.

Why are you buying it?

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar 2016

Cos it looks pretty?  With the exception of the Liberty Beauty Advent Calender this is not a valid excuse. Before you go running with your debit card to the retail outlet or your nearest laptop – STOP.  Check the contents of the calendar.  Carefully!.  If there is a high proportion of products that you would not use, the calendar is not worth it.  In 25 doors, there should be no more than 3 duds (in my opinion) somewhere between 10 – 15 % products that you just wont use and are unlikely to pass off to someone else is acceptable.  Anything else is a false economy.

If you are going to go to store to purchase your Beauty Advent Calendar, be aware that it is a bulky product so you will need to think about how you are going to get home.  Checking it out in store and buying it online may be a good option.  After you have considered all those things – you can go crazy.  Enjoy!!


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