Tools of the Trade: Brush Guards

Brush Guards

Brush Guards

Why Brush Guards? My brush collection is growing and developing into an eclectic mix of synthetic and natural, expensive and affordable brushes.  I love it.  There are brushes that I am still wanting to try and in new shapes and bristle types.  There is not going to be a halt to my brush purchasing any time soon so I am learning the best way to look after them.

Brush Guards

This is where Brush Guards come in.  In a nutshell they help to maintain the shape of the brush.  For a more affordable brush you may not worry if it splays out after use and after washing but if you have spend a significant money on your brush you want to maintain the shape for as long as. Splayed bristles or brushes that have lost their shape impact on both how and where you use the brush.

Brush Guards are made of plastic and are a bit like spanx for your brushes.  They don’t squish them to within an inch of themselves.  They don’t squeeze the bristles, but they give it a nice form when it is not in use.  If you travel regularly they are a must have.

Brush Guards

You can also use Brush Guards as part of your brush washing regime.  After you have cleaned the bristles, use a Brush Guard to dry your brushes vertically.  I don’t do that as to be honest it is a bit of a faff but it was all the rage a few years back

Brush Guards In the same way that you ‘step into’ shape-wear, Brush Guards are always put on from the handle, past the ferrule over the bristles.  I generally buy the packet that has a range of sizes.  From eyeshadow through brush to powder, it just means that my super precious brushes are protected.  As my brush collection grows, I may move to buying them just for eye brushes but for now, the variety pack suits me best.

It tends to be the natural hair bristles that get the Brush Guards. I am a little less precious with my synthetic brushes.  My brush collection is growing and as my eyes get more hooded and more crepey I am spending more money on brushes and getting to know more brands.  Brush Guards are not a necessity but if you are a serious makeup enthusiast they are definitely worth considering.

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