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Anesis Spa and Salon

Last week I had my first facial at the Anesis Salon and Spa in Clapham.  Anesis have their own range of cosmeceutical skincare called Anesis skin and I had the Superboost Facial.The Salon is lovely. A stones throw from Clapham Common Station, it is very sleek on entry and all the staff are really warm.  The treatment rooms are upstairs and the black theme continues into a clean and warm treatment room.

The Pavement - Clapham, South London

Despite trialling lots of skincare products I am pretty careful about what I put on my face and I don’t really have any major skin concerns.  On a daily basis this is great, but in terms of a facial it can be interesting because when the therapist asks you what your issues are…you kind of done have any!

Anesis Spa and Salon

My therapist – Georgia who asked me that question…. so I explained, well, I am not concerned about fine lines and wrinkles…. sagging will be a future issue but not now…. I get the occasional breakout but it is not really an issue for me – can you give me a glow?

Anesis Spa Treatment Room

First of all I love the fact that Georgia did not just take my word for the state that my skin is in – she did a full  analysis.  After removing my make up, with the Rosehip Seed Cleanser from the Anesis Skincare range, she  focused a light on my face, touching my skin and making her analysis and telling me what I found.  I was dehydrated under my eyes, (too much salt and alcohol?) but my skin pH and skintone were generally even so we went ahead with the Superboost facial.  My eyes were covered with cotton wool (Georgia confirmed that I was not claustrophobic and warm flannels were put on my skin prior to Georgia doing some extraction.

Anesis Spa Cosmeceutical Skincare

Extraction is where excess / hardened sebum in your pores is removed.  Having this done after warm flannels are placed on the face makes it easier to remove them. Georgia used a gentle wiggle motion which coaxed the comedones out.

Then it was time for exfoliation.  The facial used Anesis Fruit Gel Exfoliator mask  which has fruit acids in it…. but Georgia knew that I had had an Epicuran mini facial two days before.  She also knew that I had to have the cinnamon mask removed immediately as I found the activity was too much for me skin so she informed me that the fruit acid mask in my facial would be left on for less time.  I was really impressed because the Anesis therapists talk to each other and are not seeking to overload the skin with active ingredients.  The Gel Exfoliator gave a very slight tingle in the areas where my extraction had been done but otherwise there was no tingle at all on the skin.  During this time I have a lovely neck and shoulder massage with a citrus fragranced body oil

The Corrective Oxygen Mask was  then applied to my skin.  It felt lovely and cooling on the skin and was providing my skin with a blast of oxygen and hyaluronic acid. My feet and arms massaged while it was left on the skin.  Then my skin received another oxygen boost from the Anesis Oxygen Plasma serum and some  lymphatic drainage massage, and the final product applied to my skin was  the  All In One Cream which is a moisturiser.  At the end of the facial my skin was glowing. Glowing in a way only a therapist can provide, and bear in mind that I am a huge fan of facial massage and do a bit every day with my oil / balm cleanser.


I was sent home with some mini selection of Anesis skincare and instructions of what to use when.  This was really impressive because a) it shows real commitment to the range) and b) it is a great way to keep up the effect of the facial, and c) it give you a chance to dip into the range and see which if any elements you want to incorporate into your daily routine.  I am writing this post four days after the facial and my skin is still super smooth, very plump and glowing.  The area under my eyes which is where my dehydration showed up the most is  plumped up and my makeup has been looking better.  I was also really impressed with Georgia.  She really knows skin, she has a lovely demeanour but she did not try to engage me with mindless small talk.  We spoke skin and then she got to work, she clearly loves what she does and really believes in her products. I’d highly recommend Anesis Spa, especially if you are in South London (they also do Elemis and Epicuran facials).


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